10 Reasons Why Babywearing Is Ideal

If you have ever baby-worn before, you likely know of its incredible perks. Not only does it help keep your infant close for safety, comfort, and convenience, you will often wear them well into toddler-hood from time to time.

Babywearing is an incredibly trendy and functional asset to modern-day parenthood. From mothers to fathers and grandparents alike, any individual willing is able to babywear; and, it's easy to do!

So, read below as we have collected 10 of the best reasons why babywearing is an incredible thing to enjoy and embrace while parenting. From comparing it to other ways of getting around to saving money by purchasing a wrap, babywearing is, in our books, one of the best way of carrying your child. Enjoy!

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It's wild — once you become a parent, suddenly even preparing a meal can be the most difficult task of the day. You are often left taking food out of the drive through from convince or snacking like a rabbit to ensure the baby doesn't cry while in their baby-swing for 10 minutes while you heat up last night's pasta for breakfast.

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We've all been there. You're not alone. However, there's an easier way: baby-wearing. When you have your baby/child close by to your body, even cooking is a breeze. Sling or strap 'em in and get your cooking energy up! Forget that humus in the container and take out that blender — you're no longer exclusively grabbing a quick and easy snack. Prepare a whole meal while you wear your baby!


We know how much time you have left for cleaning up around the house. From organizing the toys from the toddler while scrubbing the bathroom floors, it can be incredibly hard to find or squeeze in the time to do almost anything to maintain your home while caring for a child and/or children. This is where baby-wearing comes in handy.

If your child is already on you, there's no need to hurt your hip carrying them on your side while sweeping up those Cheerios for the fourth time this morning. Strap 'er in and get 'er done. You've got this. Especially if you have a carrier handy.


Skin-to-skin is an incredibly vital aspect when it comes to the health and happiness of your newbornBabywearing is an incredibly affordable way of carrying your child that also benefits the baby too! Follow along to see why moms love babywearing. Even well up into their first year, any moment you are able to provide skin-to-skin contact is great.

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Within the first few days, you will likely be naturally naked while healing and adjusting to new parenthood days; however, once you become in the groove of things, wearing your baby in an appropriate sling (there are brands for specific stages/ages/weights) will provide a more convenient skin-to-skin experience for you both.


Boom! We said it. No matter the season — no matter the weather, babywearing will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on a stroller that is much bulkier and heavier than a baby-wearing sling/wrap/carrier. Strollers take up a lot of space and they often cause much more wear and tear than a baby carrier. So, rethink your purchase and try babywearing out first to see if you're ready for a stroller investment. But hey, you may want both for the option!


This is kind of a no-brainer and can be looked at as a perk. Wearing your baby may not feel like a major adjustment at first, especially if you were naturally carrying them for nine months.

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It won't feel like much of a change at all. But, your child will grow rapidly (or so that's what it will likely feel like) compared to when they were inside of your stomach. So, be prepared for some extra exercise. Perhaps go for their morning naps while walking around the block. It will be a great, added weight for you to add to your exercise routine.


Feeding your newborn in a wrap is incredibly convenient; especially if you breastfeed. It's as simple as laying them in a comfortable, cocoon-like position and whipping out your breast to feed them while you get things done. Forget propping up that perfect nursing cover over the back of your new, vinyl rocking chair for each feed. You have stuff to do! Wash those dishes while your child has their morning feed and you'll be able to rock motherhood perhaps not as neatly, but much more efficiently.


Baby carrier and wrap permitting, they will often grow as your child does. Child wearing does not end by age one. Some often hold up to toddlers well into their second year. Even while wearing your newborn, some brands have added neck support and head covers for things such as sun exposure and rain. You can often wear your child on your back for more support or on your stomach if they prefer to see your face. Babywearing has many options when it comes to your child's position. This is a great attribute for when they grow.


Babies love to be held. Well, most of them. But, it can tire us out immensely. This is where baby-wearing comes in handy. When you seem like you're at your day's end and you simply can not carry your baby much longer before your back breaks, bust our your baby carrier.

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Whether it's for their afternoon nap or a night-time feed, the wrap will become your best friend. It's light, it's easy, and it's affordable. It will also likely soothe your child in a very convenient and comfortable way- for both you and your child.


Just as it helps soothe the child, it will likely help put them to sleep, as well. Carriers provide such a snug fit, close to their parent and/or caretaker. Just as they were in the womb, it's often hard for infants to be far apart for their parent's bodies. When they are close to hearing their heartbeat and steady breath, they are often easier to settle and go down for their naps. Babywearing makes this task somewhat enjoyable for the parent and baby, for sure.


Considering the number of materials it takes to produce other baby carrying products, many wraps are manufactured with the environment in mind.

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Whether they're produced with organic or recycles materials or produced overseas, they are still producing less waste compared to other items. Baby carriers are a great option for those more environmentally conscious.

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