10 Reasons Moms-To-Be Should Reconsider Gender Reveal Parties

There's something sweeping America that's both unique and unnecessary: the gender reveal party. Hear me out. Being pregnant and welcoming a baby into this world is such a special gift that not everyone gets to experience. From conception until the day of birth, mom is going through a whirlwind of emotions.

For whatever reason, however, someone decided it would be a "cool" idea to throw a party announcing the gender of the baby. What once started out as a small gathering, letting friends and family know what gender the couple is having, has turned into a full-size event on par with bachelor and bachelorette parties. How and why did these gender reveals get so big?

It's no longer deemed acceptable to just tell your close ones what gender you're having via text message; you now need to wine and dine 100 of your closest friends and family members as you somehow make an electric entrance with stereotypical blue and pink smoke. Ladies and gents, here are 10 reasons why parents-to-be need to rethink the whole gender reveal party idea.


I don't think I need to remind soon-to-be-parents how expensive children are. They're well aware of this fact by the time they're pregnant. Knowing they should be saving as much as they can, why do you need to shell out hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on a party when a text message with the same information is free?! Not to mention some parents have a gender reveal party and a baby shower—meaning that's two unnecessary expenses they need to prepare for in a nine-month time span before baby comes. No thanks.



Does it make anyone else sad that sharing the baby's gender is no longer an intimate occasion? Finding out the sex of your baby and heading over to your parents' house to share the news used to be such an exciting few hours.

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Nowadays however, there are camera phones and social media apps constantly rolling. Meaning if you have a gender reveal party, get ready for everyone in the world to know exactly what happened at the party and to know what gender you're having.


Aha! We're finally at the biggest point in the article. Does gender really matter that much? I always thought as long as the baby was born healthy, that's all that mattered. It's 2019, after all. There's no need to shout to the rooftops that you're having a boy or a girl. You're having a child, which is what's obvious per mama's belly. As long as it's born happy and healthy, who cares if it's a boy or girl?


It's understandable that gender stereotypes used to be a thing. Boys are seen as athletic and bringing home the bacon, while girls are seen as cute and should become a stay-at-home moms.

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However, it's not the 1920s anymore, guys. It's 2019! Men and women (and boys and girls) can do or become whatever their heart desires. To say a little girl can't wear blue because she's a girl is outrageous. And to tell a little boy he can't take dance lessons because he "needs to be a man" is profoundly hurtful. Gender reveal parties only further the stereotypes.


I think gender reveal parties started off as a great idea because family members wanted to see the new parents' raw reaction, but it's not always a good reaction... We've all read the articles and seen the videos of one parent being upset that the baby was either a boy or a girl. Whether they're adding another girl to a house full of girls or the first baby is a boy when both parents were hung up on having a baby girl, these reactions are authentic but not always sweet to see. Watching a mom or dad get upset over the gender is absolutely ridiculous. You have no control over that!


Gender reveal parties are extra AF. With the help of Pinterest and Instagram, we've seen countless parties filled with extravagance. Where do people find the time and the money to do all these events?! Life should be celebrated, no doubt, but that's a lot to plan in nine months.

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On the other end of it all, gender reveal parties and baby showers bring a sense of greed to them. One party is the norm, but asking your loved ones to bring more than one gift is adjacent to narcissism. Especially when your reveal party has its own Instagram hashtag. Let's tone things down a notch, shall we?


Similar to weddings, just how everyone wants to help out the bride and groom, everyone will want to help out the new mom- and dad-to-be. Planning these kinds of parties (or knowing someone else is planning it for you) is stressful and all-consuming. As they say, there are too many cooks in the kitchen. Parties come with a ton of questions, coordinating, travel, and, of course, options. Not to mention how the gender is actually revealed. That decision is stressful enough.


I can appreciate a good themed party. But when it comes to food, I think it's better to leave fake blood and guts out of it. The other theme with gender reveal parties is creating food and games reflecting the birth or gender.

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From labor-based-cakes to cupcakes with fake umbilical cords on them, we've seen enough to be grossed out for life. Whatever happened to a sheet cake saying "congratulations!"?



Sadly, it appears many of the things we do today are for social media. From outfits to food to activities to wallpaper. Whatever happened to just living in the moment and taking pictures of things that genuinely made us happy? Parents don't need to throw a party of epic proportions just to tell people the gender of their baby, but some do it anyway because it'll look cool on social media.


From fires to injuries, there have been countless news stories of gender reveal parties going wrong. Sometimes the things showing the gender break or aren't built correctly, creating a bad party of epic proportions.

I know it's all the rage to show off your soon-to-be baby with the world, but can't we do it in a safer way? We don't need shotguns, race cars, or skydiving to make the gender of our baby known!

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