10 Reasons It’s Important To Have A Morning Routine With Young Children

Children thrive off routine. Schedules not only set the tone for the day ahead, but they also produce the expectations for the future.

Whether this means waking at the same time with an alarm or eating breakfast at the same table each morning, having a routine, especially for young children, will be one of the best things you can do for you and your children. Read ahead for 10 reasons why it's so important to have a morning routine with young children. Each may not resonate with you right away, but they will inspire you do consider the idea of why setting a routine is so important for their little growing bodies.


Ensuring that you have a morning routine to stick to will ensure that you're on time. For most of the days, at least. Though your mornings with little children may not always be consistent, you can rest assured that practice makes perfect.

The more time you and energy you put into making a schedule and sticking with it, the ability to stay on time will become easier and easier. You won't need anymore for sit-downs with your child to negotiate getting in the car. They will just know.


As briefly described above, the more you establish a schedule with your small the children the more they're able to expect what's to come next. If they are aware that breakfast is always after one episode after their favorite show (so you can actually prepare a decent meal before school), then they will get in the habit.

They will have expectations. This schedule depends on your consistency. Both the parent's and the children's. But by applying your schedules each morning your young children will adapt and have expectations of what's to come next.


If you set a good schedule during your morning routines with young children, they will likely be able to respect the habits that their school years will apply. The more they are able to stick to a schedule at home, the more they'll be able to understand and 'go with the flow' at school. This will be less stressful for their teachers, easier on the children, and more comforting for you, the parent/guardian.

So, by implementing a good routine in the mornings with your young children, this will transform their ability to implement good habits for their upcoming educational careers.

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The more you practice early morning routines at home with your young children, the more they will respect their time. They will consciously and unconsciously discover the amount of time they will have to get certain things done.

Like: Brushing their teeth after breakfast; watching their television special before their breakfast; or even getting into the car to be driven to daycare. All of these small blocks of time will allow them to respect their time more.


The more consistent you are with your early morning routines for your children, the more likely they are to set small goals for themselves, knowing that they know exactly what happens each and every morning.

These young children will be able to set personal goals once they know how to manage their time easier. If they are used to routine, they will in return be able to respect their time, and set goals much easier for themselves.

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If the mornings are a whirlwind, the children will more likely feel pressure and stress. The more you practice an early morning routine with your children, the more likely they are to feel like stress. Stress can be caused by feeling their parent's emotions, too. Children are sponges.

They pick up on everything. Even their caregivers stress levels. Having an organized morning will simply set the mood for their days to come. So, by implementing a morning routine with your children, they will be less likely to stress.


At times in your early days of parenthood, you may have to call a loved one, friend or trusted sitter to watch your small children. If it's for over-night care, having a routine to stick to will not only be easier on the child but much easier for the sitter.

Giving them a tangible list to read off of, from what you do each morning at each time, to preparing their meals in their fridge for their morning's breakfast, will allow the babysitter to stick to your everyday routine and will be less stressful for everyone involved.


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As mentioned above- practice makes perfect. The more you stick with your morning routines, the easier it becomes for the child to expect what's to come. With all of these reasons, it will simply be easier on the child. They won't be as stressed.

They will know what's coming in the next hour or so. It won't feel like 'pulling teeth' in order to get them into the car (as frequently) because they will understand it's time to...well, get in the gosh-darn car!

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Again: We can not stress this enough! Practice...makes...perfect! The more the parent is consistent with their morning routines with their small children, the easier it becomes. It may seem like a task- not picking up your phone while you're prepping the afternoon's lunch, which will encourage a half-hour dive into Instagram not noticing Peppa playing in the background longer than promised.

We know it's not easy. But, it's important to stick to your morning routine for both the child and the parent. We promise it will be easier in the long run.


The more consistent you are with your morning routines with your small children, the less likely it will be that the children will 'act out' considering they will know what to expect. Less boring stress = easier morning for the entire family. Early morning mayhem is not rare. And we can't promise that sticking to a morning routine will cancel out all morning craziness that could occur.

But what we are saying is that the craziness won't happen as often. As long as you stick with this morning routine. It will be easier, calmer, and more productive than if you weren't to have a morning routine. THAT we can assure you.

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