Real Pregnancies: 10 Movie Stars Who Couldn't Hide Their Bumps (And 10 TV Stars)

When it comes to being an actress, getting pregnant can often interfere with work. Mainly because hiding a big baby bump in front of cameras isn't that easy, and not all producers are keen on including a pregnancy into the storyline. It is quite interesting to see though, how certain movie and TV shows have dealt completely differently with one of their lead cast members getting pregnant. Which is why we decided to assemble a list of 10 movie and 10 TV show pregnancies that show us all the ways they may or may not have succeeded in hiding the pregnancy.

What have we learned from all of it? Well, movie productions are generally more thorough in making sure no bellies are visible (unless they're supposed to be), while TV shows tend to go the safe way and include the pregnancy into the show's storyline. Then there are shows like Scandal with Olivia Pope and we would just like to know who thought the whole belly cover-up would go by unnoticed. Because it most certainly didn't.Anyways, here they are now, 10 Hollywood blockbusters starring very pregnant ladies, as well as 10 TV shows with actresses whose bellies definitely became noticeable.


20 Gal Gadot In 'Wonder Woman'

Hollywood actress Gal Gadot ended up playing Wonder Woman while pregnant, and when we say pregnant we mean five-month big belly pregnant. A majority of the scenes have been edited so we can't really see her adorable baby bump, especially those scenes that had to be reshot further down her pregnancy. During her early pregnancy, the actress even tried to hide it so she wouldn't be treated any differently. Obviously down the road, this got a bit more complicated. Either way, the film crew did an amazing job because you really can't tell Gal was five-months pregnant in some scenes!

19 Meg Ryan In 'Sleepless In Seattle'

Many don't know that actress Meg Ryan was actually pregnant while shooting Sleepless In Seattle back in the early 1990s, and a major reason for that is the fact that the crew managed to cover it up extremely well. Choosing the right camera angles, picking some rather wide and boxy clothing, and honestly, you would never even know. By now, movie crews have had quite a lot of experience in how to make a tiny baby bump disappear without any CGI, so it's no wonder we often don't even know an actress is actually a few months pregnant while shooting a movie.

18 Penelope Cruz In 'Pirates Of The Caribbean'

While shooting Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, actress Penelope Cruz was visibly pregnant. Want to know how the film crew decided to deal with this? They hired her spitting image, sister Monica, who did all the slightly more dangerous scenes and pretty much worked as the perfect body double for Penelope. So yeah, next time you decide to watch On Stranger Tides keep in mind that you're not just seeing Penelope, but her sister Monica as well! Hiring a family member is a pretty unique way for a crew to solve the baby bump problem, but hey, in this case, it definitely worked!

17 Kate Winslet In 'Divergent'

Remember Academy Award winner Kate Winslet in the teen franchise Divergent? Yeah, well while recording the first installment, Kate was at the beginning of her pregnancy, and let's just say if you pay attention you can definitely see that she does suspiciously always have something in front of her tummy, whether it's a tablet or her own hands. Honestly, movie productions do usually do a much better job than TV show productions when it comes to hiding baby bumps, but in Divergent they could have perhaps made it a bit less obvious, because now if you rewatch it, you just can't unsee it.

16 Helena Bonham Carter In 'Sweeney Todd'

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Another early pregnancy on set was Helena Bonham Carter in Sweeney Todd. A fun fact the actress mentioned in plenty of interviews is how the scenes she shot pregnant are actually at the beginning of the movie, which makes her chest go from a bigger to smaller size throughout the movie. Of course, the crew did everything they could to make her baby bump invisible, and they sure did a good job by using kitchen utensils, fabric, and some pregnancy-approved camera angles. The fact that baby daddy Tim Burton was the director of the movie must have also helped everyone adjust.

15 Emily Blunt In 'Into The Woods'

Actress Emily Blunt was quite a bit pregnant while shooting Into The Woods, which is ironic considering she played a character who desperately wants to have a baby but can't. You wanna know what the crew's best trick in hiding her baby bump was? Well, they kept putting her co-star James Corden in front of her belly and covering it up that way. And honestly, this combined with the amazing costumes totally worked, no one would be able to tell. But of course, as with every movie on this list, if you go and re-watch it you might find a suspicious belly glimpse here and there.

14 Halle Berry In 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past'

Hollywood actress and Academy Award winner Halle Berry revealed that while she was shooting X-Men: Days Of Future Past almost three months pregnant, she definitely had days where she felt like she would just burst out of her skin-tight Storm outfit. however, because of the specific costume and the fact that her belly would only grow, the film crew only had a few weeks to wrap up all of Halle's scenes, as anything longer would definitely be visible later on. And the end result? It's pure perfection, and Halle managed to do a marvelous job in such a short time, all while being pregnant!

13 Reese Witherspoon In 'Vanity Fair'

While filming the movie Vanity Fair, actress Reese Witherspoon was already quite pregnant with her second child, but luckily, you can't really notice that from just watching the movie. Since the costumes for the movie were so big, detailed and eccentric, the costume designers managed to hide her growing baby bump pretty well, and you can only notice potential hiding objects and odd camera angles if you pay close attention. Another wonderful example of how good at hiding baby bumps Hollywood movie set crews are, although the props this time go mainly to the hardworking and extremely creative costume designers.

12 Madonna In 'Evita'

About midway through shooting - her probably most famous movie - Evita, actress and ultimate pop icon Madonna discovered she was pregnant with her first child. Since the film directors couldn't really adapt the pregnancy into the character's story, they were forced to kick out a few risky scenes from the script, as they were afraid they could cause Madonna to potentially slip and fall. Either way, if you go back and watch Evita you won't find too many suspicious scenes - if any at all-, as Madonna's baby bump was still quite small, and very easily hidden with slightly looser clothing choices.

11 Julia Roberts In 'Ocean's Twelve'

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Ocean's Twelve is a great example of how easy it can be to use a pregnancy - just write it into the script. Now, this doesn't necessarily work for every movie, but if it does, why not. That is exactly what happened to Julia Roberts in Ocean's Twelve. Julia was pregnant with her twins Hazel and Phinnaeus, and the directors just decided to make her character Tess Ocean pregnant as well. It can be that easy sometimes!

TV Shows:

10 Marcia Cross In 'Desperate Housewives'

When one of the Desperate Housewives lead actresses, Marcia Cross, got pregnant, the show's writers did the best thing they could do: they decided to include her pregnancy in the show's storyline and made Bree Van de Kamp pregnant. While in the beginning, Marcia and the show creator Marc Cherry went to great lengths to try and hide her pregnancy, eventually, her baby bump just got too big. But if you go back and re-watch some of the episodes, you might be able to tell when they were trying to cover her pregnancy up - as usual with wider clothing, random items, and weird camera angles.

9 Lisa Kudrow In 'Friends'

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Here's another great example of how a TV show dealt with an unexpected cast pregnancy: they included it in the storyline as well. When Friends actress Lisa Kudrow got pregnant, the show's writers decided to just make her character on the show, Phoebe Buffay, pregnant as well. And not only that, the story was that Phoebe was pregnant with triplets, so the show's costume designers had to make her outfits padded to make her belly look even bigger than it already did. This is probably one of the rare times that a pregnant actress just wasn't looking pregnant enough and padding had to be used!

8 Candice King In 'The Vampire Diaries'

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Next on our list is Candice King, better known as Caroline Forbes in The Vampire Diaries. When the actress became visibly pregnant, the show's producers decided to surprise us all by making Caroline pregnant, but not with her beloved boyfriend Stefan Salvatore, but with her former teacher Alaric Saltzman. Yup, a pregnancy, if used properly can cause a lot of drama in a show, which is why directors and producers of TV shows seem to prefer including them, rather than trying to hide them... because well, that doesn't always work out too well. As we'll see further down the list.

7 Alyson Hannigan In 'How I Met Your Mother'

Here's another well written-in pregnancy, as actress Alyson Hannigan who plays Lily in the sitcom hit How I Met Your Mother was pregnant with her second child. Truth be told, the show's producers must have learned from Alyson's first pregnancy, which wasn't a part of How I Met Your Mother's story, and it resulted in a lot of awkward bump hiding behind different household items. Anyway, they must have learned from their mistakes, as when Alyson Hannigan was pregnant with her second child, the show's writers finally made Lily pregnant as well. Thank God, because strategically positioned world globes do not cut it!

6 Debra Messing In 'Will And Grace'

Debra Messing's hidden pregnancy in the TV show Will And Grace is probably one of the best examples of how it shouldn't be done. The thing is, they tried to use the classic methods of belly-hiding like wide, loose clothing, objects in front of the belly and in general odd camera angles, and while that sometimes works, other time sit absolutely does not. Especially in this case since Grace always wore skin-tight and quite revealing clothing, which was obviously thrown out the window now, making everyone wonder what is going on. Eventually, Debra couldn't star in the last four episodes of that season, because her belly was getting too big.

5 Kerry Washington In 'Scandal'

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Kerry Washington pregnant in Scandal must have been one of the most awkward times a show tried to hid a baby bump because it completely didn't work.  We all knew she was pregnant. There's a plethora of scenes in which the actress holds her purse, or as you can see above, some mysterious case file in front of her bump, and of course, the only thing that resulted in is making us look pay attention to her belly even more. Olivia Pope is a boss and we still absolutely love her, but honestly, with such a popular show we just feel like the crew should have done a better job.

4 Jennifer Garner In 'Alias'

Jennifer Garner's pregnancy while shooting the hit TV show Alias is another great example of the show's producers deciding to include the pregnancy into the storyline instead of trying to cover it up. However, season 5 did go on a rather weird four-month hiatus due to Jennifer Garner's real-life pregnancy, which as we already mentioned, was included in the storyline, which is why the hiatus didn't really make much sense. Either way, the actress' bump was quite visible in a lot of scenes, which is why it's a good thing they decided to make Sydney Bristow pregnant as well.

3 Rachel Bilson In 'Hart Of Dixie'

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Same goes for actress Rachel Bilson. Once she got pregnant while shooting Hart Of Dixie, the producers decided to smartly include her pregnancy into the storyline, instead of attempting to cover her belly up. Which is exactly why Zoe Hart ended up pregnant as well. However, during her early pregnancy the star did manage - quite successfully, may we add - to cover her baby bump, so many of the show viewers had no idea. This once again proves that the best way to deal with a pregnant actress is to simply make her character pregnant as well, if possible, of course.

2 Holly Marie Combs In 'Charmed'

Any Charmed fans out there will surely remember how Holly Marie Combs' pregnancy was at first hidden and then written into the plot of the show. Yup while hiding her bump they mainly shot close-ups of her and made her wear baggy clothes for most of season six. Eventually, the producers must have realized they can't pull that off forever, so they decided to write her pregnancy into the storyline and that's how her TV son Chris came about. Probably wasn't the most genius writing they could have done with this pregnancy, but for the early 2000s show it was pretty darn good.

1 Anna Paquin In 'True Blood'

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Last on our list of very obvious TV pregnancies is Anna Paquin who was playing Sookie Stackhouse for all seven seasons of the show. Unlike most shows, the True Blood writers decided not to include her pregnancy in the storyline, but instead, they tried to hide her bump in all the ways possible. Sookie quickly went from her usually revealing lingerie to super loose pajamas, there were pillows placed to hide the bump, and the camera angles were ridiculous. Either way, those were the 10 TV actresses we chose, and as you can tell, most of times producers are actually smart enough to not risk anything and just include a pregnancy into the show here and there.

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