Great, Now There's A Massive Beef Recall Just In Time For BBQ Season, Too

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It's the start of a long holiday weekend, and Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer! The weather is warming up, schools are letting out, and all over the country people are getting their pool floats inflated and firing up the grill to celebrate. This is one of the best weekends of the year, and we look forward to relaxing and just using it to ease into summer. If you're staying close to home this weekend, you probably have plans to spend plenty of time outside! Maybe you've invited some friends over to join in the fun. Stocked up on adult beverages, got plenty of snacks and appetizers to keep the ravenous kids at bay, and took advantage of holiday sales on steaks and burgers for your cookout.

If this sounds like your weekend in a nutshell, we have some bad news: you might want to double-check that beef you've got sitting in your fridge. The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service has issued a recall for over 62,000 pounds of raw beef across the country. The last thing you need at your Memorial Day cookout is E. coli, so don't ignore the recall!

The USDA has recalled beef that was packed at the Aurora Packing Company. Inc., in North Aurora, Illinois. But don't think you're safe if you don't live in that area - the meat was shipped nationwide. The beef in question was packed in April 19, and the establishment number is EST. 788 (that's located inside the USDA mark of inspection). The recall covers more than 40 different beef products, including cuts of steak like ribeye, briskets, and ribs.

The possible E. coli contamination was discovered during a routine random sampling, and the USDA says that no one has reported any illnesses associated to the potentially dangerous beef. But out of an abundance of caution, they're urging everyone to check the meat you have in your fridge and freezer at home, and return it to the place of purchase if it's included in the recall. They've posted a full list of affected meats here, so check those steaks! You still have time to replace them if you bought some bad beef.

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