This Water Slide From Target Is 20 Feet Long, And Just What We Need For Summer

Rave Sports Turbo Chute 20' Section: Where To Buy, Price

This epic water slide from Target is a whopping 20 feet long, and it’s perfect for summer. Our inner-10-year-old selves are screaming. As summer approaches, us mommas of school-aged kids are dreading having to fill up 3 whole months with outings and activities to combat those endless, “I’m bored!” comments that slip out of our children’s mouths like a verbal combination of sad trombone solos, and farts. We're always looking for ways to give them the summer that they deserve--filled with memories that will last them a life time. But to be honest, we also, as parents, want to keep our sanity. And it can be a challenge to find the balance to be able to do both.

Filling up the pool can be a huge waste of water, and never mind the fact that it’s just a matter of minutes before it turns into a germ-y cesspool of grass and kid pee that your spawn insist on sucking up into their mouths and spitting out. Sprinklers are a summertime staple that have stood the test of time, but that gets old quick. Don’t nobody feel like picking up water balloon shrapnel and getting pelted in the tit, so what’s a girl to do? No, we don’t have to entertain our children every day, all day, but most of us do because it’s “open window season” and the whole neighborhood can hear us losing our minds on the daily now. NO, YOU CANNOT HAVE ANOTHER POPSICLE!

Target's new 20 foot water slide is perfect for kids this summer
Credit: Target

Thanks to Target, there’s an epic new way to have your bikini bottoms turned into thongs – meet the Rave Sports Turbo Chute 20' Section. This baby may cost a pretty penny at $550, but it’s 20 feet long, fade, tear, and puncture-resistant (it freaking better be for that kind of money, honey!).

Meant for kids 6 and up, this is the water slide of all water slides outside of a theme park, and it’ll get the kids out of the house, and out of your hair long enough for you to enjoy a daiquiri or three.

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