Ranked: 10 Best Slime Recipes For Kids Ever Made

Homemade slime, putty, and Play-Doh are nothing new. Moms have been taking to the kitchen to keep their kids busy since motherhood began. Every generation has its favorite version of homemade, gross fun. DIY slime has taken over the social media feeds of parents and kids everywhere. We've gathered some of the most interesting and unique slime recipes out there to keep your family laughing in the kitchen for hours. This inexpensive sensory play is a great way to build science skills and curiosity in kids.

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10 Oceanic Slime by littlebinsforlittlehands

Bring the beauty and wonder of the ocean to your kitchen table. This slime recipe uses color, viscosity and shine to create the look of tropical ocean waters.  The blend of beautiful blues and greens evokes warm beaches and the sound of waves. Once you've created this sparkling slime it's time to add sea-themed treasure and marine creatures for your little ones to hunt for in the deep. Pearl beads, toy fish, and small shells would all be perfect additions to this creation.

9 Bubble Gum Slime by STEAMsational

Classic slime is ooey-gooey and runny. It will drip and ooze through your fingers like thick, stretchy yogurt. This recipe has a slightly different texture. Thicker and more rubbery, bubble gum slime looks and feels exactly like the real thing, after it's been chewed of course. The gross factor of playing with pretend used chewing gum is a major selling point. Kids love gross play. This slime bridges the gap between kids' love of all things spit covered and parents' health and safety concerns. You could even add a tutti-frutti fragrance oil to complete the illusion.

8 Cosmic Slime by momdot

This slime brings the beauty and mystery of space to the palm of your hand. Imagine the hours of fascinating fun you'll have rolling, squishing and stretching this nebulous concoction in your hands. The finished product is stunningly beautiful. The effect is easily achieved by braiding black and bright color slimes together. The blending of these colors mimics the appearance of galaxies in space, where glitter takes the place of stars. This recipe is sure to have you mixing, stretching, and staring as you expand your little gooey universe.

7 Glow In The Dark Slime by frugalfun4boys

Adding an eerie glow to anything can add some serious fun. Turning off the lights adds a new element to sensory play. The glow effect is provided by non-toxic glow in the dark craft paint. That means this glowing fun is safe too. The recipe provides great tips for making slime in general. The author used disposable cups to make their slime. They stirred the concoction with a craft stick, eliminating a lot of messy clean-up. Kids can make this gooey creation without worrying about the big mess afterward.

6 Mood Ring Slime by thought.co

Mood rings were everyone's favorite piece of novelty costume jewelry in the 1970s. The fad may have passed for mood jewelry but mood slime is just making its debut. That's right, this slime changes colors in your hands and might even provide some insight to how you're feeling. This would be a great tool to get kids to pause and really reflect on their emotions. Does what they feel match up with the color of the slime? Even if the color doesn't match your mood, it's still a lot of fun to play with. Add this exciting science play to your slime now.

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5 Polka Dot Slime by funathomewithkids

This eye catching slime is easily made by stirring pom poms into the gooey liquid. If you're looking to easily add visual impact to the slime you're already making at home, this recipe is for you. Not only do the colorful polka dots add more visual interest to the sensory play but they also provide hours of squishy fun and interesting textures to explore. Feel free to experiment with different size polka dots by using different size pom poms. You could also add related colors and scents to create a theme for your polka dot slime.

4 Goldfish Slime by myfrugaladventures

Giving away a live fish is a questionable choice as a carnival prize. Goldfish are complicated animals that require more care than most people realize. Keeping them in those small bags all day in the summer heat probably isn't that great for the fish either. You can create your own cruelty-free version at home using this creative slime recipe. All you need to do is create some crystal blue slime to serve as water. Pour the slime into a bag add a toy goldfish and a twist tie to the top and you have a prize even Nemo would approve of. No questionable treatment of fish involved.

3 Edible Blacklight Slime by thesoccermomblog

Edible slimes take the fun to a whole new level. Slime exists to make the most of sensory play. Engaging a child's sense of touch, sight, smell, and even taste makes this recipe a dynamic addition to this list. This slime has a thick but oozy consistency that makes it perfect for stretching and dangling. If you want to see the dazzling glow effect you'll need a black light. The slime is made with tonic water which includes the ingredient quinine. When exposed to UV light quinine emits a beautiful blue glow. It can be used to make food and drinks glow in the dark.

2 Bubbling Slime by epicfunforkids

A basic slime recipe is enough to captivate kids for hours on end. Most versions are static. Imagine the added fascination of a slime that moves on its own. This creative recipe uses all edible ingredients to create a slime that will bubble for hours. The effect is created with simple kitchen science, mixing baking soda and water. The two reactive substances aren't simply dumped into the slime together. Vinegar is incorporated into the slime itself and then poured over the baking soda. Leaving the vinegary concoction on top of the baking soda slows down the reaction ensuring there's plenty of bubbly fun. You can always mix the two together for a shorter-lived, but more intense, reaction.

1 Magnetic Slime by growingajeweledrose

Combining science and play is a great way to establish a lifelong love of learning. There are few natural phenomenons as universally fascinating as magnetism. Magnets provide a hands-on sensory experience that piques interest in the natural world. Adding magnetic power to this slime brings it to life. Kids can watch as tendrils seem to grow out of their creation and follow their command with handheld magnets. Your typical magnet off of the family fridge may not be strong enough to make the slime react. Neodymium magnets are strong enough to get your slime dangling. The fact that this slime can wave back puts it at the top of the list.

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