Use This Invisible Spray To Create Sidewalk Art That Only Appears When It Gets Wet

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For a lot of parents, they love buying sidewalk chalk during the summer months because it not only helps with the flow of creative juices, but it gets the kids outside, too. The only problem though, is having to clean the chalky mess it usually leaves behind. Well now, there’s a new invisible spray that helps create sidewalk chalk, but there’s a catch. It only appears when it gets wet.

Rainworks is the new art product that everyone is getting their hands on this summer. It’s because the creations are only revealed once it starts drizzling outside. That’s right: you can’t see it unless it gets wet, either by the rain or a garden hose (or both) at the same time.

Rainworks got its start on Kickstarter and is fast become a must-have items for many families looking to have a little sidewalk fun all across the country this summer. All you need is a stencil to create your artwork. When it’s dry though, it’s completely invisible. You only get to see your kids’ drawing once it is wet.

The company uses super-hydrophobic coating that keeps surfaces from getting wet. When it’s applied to concrete, the concrete underneath doesn’t change colors. It’s only after it’s wet that the pattern or design that your kids create remain a light color. In addition, the coating works on any surface that changes color. This means you can use Rainworks on wood, stone, and some fabrics.

So far Rainworks has gotten fantastic reviews from both parents and kids. The company says that the original intent was to help give creative minds “a reason to smile on rainy days.”

They’ve managed to so far accomplish both their vision and their mission as many fans are using Rainworks all throughout the country to share their special messages in chalk on wet, rainy days. As a matter of fact, the product has gone viral on social media, with many fans sharing their designs, patterns and messages on outlets such as Twitter and Instagram. Some of them are rather inspiring, too.

A secret message that only appears on a day like today. #Rainworks

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Rainworks can be purchased for a $19 starter kit online. For more information, check out their website here.

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