Rainbow Nails Are Trending, And It's Perfect For Spring

Spring is almost here and for many women that means it’s time to change things up at the nail salon. While many women opt for dark and sultry shades like matte blacks, wines, and deep reds during the colder months, Spring is a time for pastels and bright colors. Nail art has come so far over the past few years and women have more options than even when it comes to their manicures, sometimes too many options that it’s hard to choose. Thankfully there’s a hot new nail trend that’s becoming super popular that women don't have to choose, and it’s perfect for Spring.

It’s safe to say that we can thank the Kardashian Jenner clan for helping to popularize a lot of recent nail trends. You never see any of the sisters out without their nails done perfectly, whether it’s Kylie’s love of the coffin-shaped nails or Khloe’s preference for her uber long, pointed nails. Now we can thank Kendall Jenner’s recent love of the rainbow nail trend with making it even more popular.

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Rainbow nails feature each nail painted a different color, giving it a rainbow effect. The colors tend to be different pastel shades, and the result is simply stunning. Not only is the rainbow look beautiful, but it also allows women to choose a variety of colors for their nails instead of picking just one.

So not only is it great if you're indecisive, but it also gives you options when it comes to coordinating your outfits and accessories. Rainbow nails can feature a solid shade painted on each nail like Jenner's above, but there are also many other variations on the rainbow manicure. Many nail artists are putting their own spin on the rainbow nail trend by creating an ombre effect with their manicure like these below which are simply stunning.

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Others are incorporating nail art on top of their rainbow manicure.

Even model Gigi Hadid wore rainbow nails with nail art, showing that it’s not just the Kar/Jenner’s who are loving this new trend.

Two different trends fit perfectly together with the combination of jelly nails and a rainbow manicure, like these.

Others are giving their tried and true French manicure an update by incorporating the rainbow trend which gives the look a vibrant update.

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If a variety of colors isn’t your thing but you love the idea of the rainbow manicure, you can still do it by simply choosing five different shades from the same color family. Whether you opt for a rainbow of pinks, purples, blues or any color of your choice, the effect is still just as beautiful and perfect for the season.

If you want to check out more rainbow manicures just search the hashtag #rainbowmanicures on Instagram and you’ll definitely be inspired to try a new look the next time you visit the nail salon.

Is this a look you're going to try out? Let us know!

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