'Rage Yoga' Is An Exercise Class That Lets You Swear And Drink Beer

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There are plenty of ways for people to stay fit and relax, and yoga is one of the more popular fitness activities that accomplishes both. But here's the thing - for some people, yoga is a little too relaxed, if you catch our drift. Sure, it's nice to become one with yourself and get into the zen zone. However, the zen zone isn't enough sometimes! Sometimes, we need to rage and get out all of our frustrations and emotions and maybe drop an F-bomb or two. We all need that release! Yoga is great and all, but it's not as extreme as the circumstances call for when you are stressed TO THE MAX. But what if someone combined yoga with some good old-fashioned raging, and then added beer? Now that is a workout we could get into, and Ashley Duzich Wellness in Houston, Texas understands. Allow us to introduce you to Rage Yoga.

Want to learn how to shoot fireballs of rage and fury out of your hands?! Well then get your a$$ to Rage Yoga Friday and...

Posted by Ashley Duzich Wellness on Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Rage Yoga is indeed yoga, and all of the instructors are qualified and hold instructor certification after 200 hours of training. But whereas other yoga studios are all about the quiet, contemplative moments, Ashley Duzich understand that sometimes we need more. Make no mistake, you'll still be doing meditative breathing, poses and postures, and mudras. But you can also expect more than just calm breathing and quiet time during Rage Yoga. Instructors encourage people to release what is truly bothering you, and if that means some yelling or cursing or guttural screaming, then so be it! This is a safe space to do that, while still enjoying the physical benefits of practicing yoga. Even better? The ice cold beer waiting for you after you're done.

The weather is finally cooling down and its time for another round of Rage Yoga! See all majestic badasses Friday at 7pm 🦄🤘🍻 📸:@gettago #rageyoga #zenaf #fuckyourcouch #letthatshitgo

Posted by Ashley Duzich Wellness on Wednesday, September 26, 2018

We are totally into this, and we wish that other fitness instructors and studios would get on board! We really WANT to be able to relax in the way yoga demands, but you know what? Sometimes life is anything but relaxing, and sometimes what you need is to just get your rage out and release it from your body and mind. So a place that combines the benefits of yoga with the benefits of unfettered emotional release, and then gives you beer afterward? Yep, we would be at every single class.

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