How 'Quieting' The House Can Keep Stress At Bay

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This time of year can be incredibly chaotic, especially when it comes to putting the house back together after the holidays. Once the decorations are down and the lights go out, it can leave the house feeling a little out of whack - especially if you've got a ton of new toys to find homes for. It might be tempting to abandon ship and go for a walk to clear out the cobwebs, but according to Motherly, the key to a stress-free life could be "quieting" the house.

"Quieting" isn't yelling at your kids to keep the noise down (although we've all been there), but rather a practice that can help you achieve a new mindset. Based on visuals, an empty room would be considered quiet, and a room packed full of furniture, accessories and everyday clutter can be considered loud. According to these principles, every item has a voice that adds to the ambiance of the room. The more items, the more noise - and more stress. If you feel a little bit overwhelmed in your house, then you can take some steps to quiet your space, making way for a fresh perspective in the new year.


Firstly, strip the room you're working on of absolutely everything, from cushions to pillows, lamps, books, picture frames, and even the drapes. If you have a rug, roll it up and get it out. Taking everything out of the space can help you to truly see what you're working with, although it might seem like a pain in the butt at first. Taking the drapes down may help you to realize that the window sill needs repainting, and removing the rug can help you to remember what you love (or dislike) about your flooring.

Next, take stock of every item that you removed from the room. Do you need it? Does it bring you happiness? If the answer is no, then send it off to Good Will. When you place your chosen items back in the room, think hard about where you want things to go. If you have several accessories that you love but don't know what to do with, group them in threes of varying height. This will help keep your space looking sleek and defined.

Here's to a happy - and quiet - new year!

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