10 Quick Breakfast Ideas For Toddlers

Encouraging a toddler to eat breakfast can be easier than most meal-times. It can be the easiest and most fun way to introduce new foods; food that the parents and/or guardians know will be nutritious enough to fill their child's stomach until lunch or dinner. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Their little bodies have been fasting for their entire night's rest, so it's important to have something sufficient to get them by until snack time.

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Considering how hungry and tired their little minds and bodies may be, it's a great idea to have some simple recipes and breakfast ideas on hand for your toddler. So, we have compiled 10 quick and easy breakfast ideas for your toddler to make it easier for you, the parent, too. Enjoy!


Steel-cut oats are a great alternative to instant oatmeal. They're heartier, they're packed with nutrition, and they're easier to store when made in bulk. You can simply make enough (on the stovetop) to last a week—place the desired amount in containers and refrigerate until the next day.

Steel-cut oats are very easy to and simple to prepare. All you have to do is warm them up and throw whichever toppings you'd like on them, like berries, bananas, seeds, and syrup. You could even leave them plain for your child to enjoy.


Toddlers love banana. Whether they're baked, smushed, or they're eating them whole, a sweet, nutritious banana can go a long way in a toddler's eyes. Banana toast is a delicious and fast meal for their breakfast, too.

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By simply putting nut butter (any of your choice) on two pieces of toast along with a layer of sliced banana, you've got yourself banana toast. Full of protein, potassium, and carbohydrates to fuel their morning, banana toast will be a go-to from now own, we bet!


For those newfound picky eaters, the last thing most parents and/or caretakers want to do in the morning is argue with a toddler. So, if all else fails, whole foods will suffice. Sometimes, a few slices of watermelon, some berries, and a banana is all the child truly needs to get them uplifted and full before their first snack.

Though many believe fruit to be not filling enough for breakfast, studies show that fruit can be an incredible cleansing and clean meal, first thing, for both adult and child. And delicious, might we add.


Banana pancakes do not have to be as complicated as the recipe you enjoy at your favorite restaurant. Banana pancakes can be as simple as 1 banana and 2 eggs mushed together and fried. That's it!

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Toddlers love the taste, the texture, and the short amount of time it takes to make such an incredible and delicious meal. Not only are these pancakes nutritious, but they will also be eaten up in no time—guaranteed! Just make sure you save some for the toddler, ok?


Wraps do not have to be complicated. As you're quickly learning, children like simplicity. They thrive in minimalism and this, at times, goes the same when it comes to their meals.

An egg wrap can be as simple as a fried egg with some shredded cheese wrapped in a pita. Easy. Simple. Delicious. If they like a bit of crunch, add some spinach for protein or bacon if you're feeling fancy. But, in order to keep it easy, quick and delicious, just fry an egg and wrap it up. Done.


Avocados are full of great fats and high nutritional value. Though fats in any form are not good to consume in high doses, half an avocado a day for a toddler will not be "too much."

With a warm piece of toast, spread the creamy avocado on one side followed by some salt and pepper. Place another piece of toast on top and cut into preferred shapes and/or sizes. You've got yourself a very easy, nutritious, and delicious breakfast which will fill their bellies and keep smiles on their faces.


Smoothie bowls are great because they're essentially the yummy smoothie every child knows and loves, but eaten with a spoon! Sometimes, in order to encourage a toddler to eat something, you've just got to make it a fun color and have them consume it in an exciting way.

So, add your usual: yogurt, granola, berries. Add kale to the blender to make it green, and you've got yourself a delicious and nutritious smoothie bowl that took under two minutes.


Apple cookies are an incredible little breakfast and a great little snack. Slice an apple, whether green, red, or yellow, into big circles. Have your child slather nut butter on top and sprinkle Cheerios for added crunch.

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This incredibly fun and unique cookie will have them laughing and excited. What a great little breakfast, packed with fortified and natural nutrition, for all to enjoy!


Berry Blizzards are great! Just as your usual smoothies are made, blend in your favorite dairy substitute like oat milk, hemp milk, or almond milk, with berries, maple syrup, and oats. This will make a thick textured smoothie which is called, of course, a Berry Blizzard!

For added chilly-ness, sprinkle some coconut shavings to add to its blizzard theme. Berry Blizzards are packed with nutrition and will give your toddler the right amount of (healthy) energy to start their day well. Did we mention it takes less than 5 minutes?


Peanut butter crunch wraps are such an easy and delicious breakfast. Again, with any wrap of your choice, spread on nut butter. Nut butter comes in many different forms, from almond to peanut. There are many different options easily accessible from your local grocery store or online shop.

Regardless, this nut butter goes very well with any crunch provided by your child's favorite cereal. Whether that's granola chunks or Cheerios, allow your toddler to sprinkle their cereal onto the nut butter before the adult roles it up and cuts it in half. There you have it: a peanut butter crunch wrap!

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