10 Questions You Should Be Asking A Potential Babysitter or Nanny

Selecting the right babysitter for you and your children can take a long time. You want to find someone who meshes well with your child's behavior and someone you can trust to be in your home taking care of your little ones. But finding the best sitter or nanny for your kids can be difficult when there are a lot of people working in that field.

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When you are interviewing a potential babysitter or nanny to care for your kids, there are some questions you might forget to ask. Keep reading to see what 10 questions you should ask any potential babysitter or nanny.

10 How Long Have You Been Caring For Children?

This question should be one of the first ones you ask someone before you even bring them in for a full interview. You need to know if they have ever cared for children before. If they haven't, they won't be a good fit for you and our family. You want to hire someone who has worked with kids before and knows the responsibility of watching someone else's kids.

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This will also give you an idea of how much they are going to be charging per hour. If they have more experience, than you know they are going to cost more then someone who has only been doing this for a couple of years.

9 What Were The Best And Worst Things About Your Previous Job?

If you ask your potential babysitter or nanny this question, you'll get an idea if they will be a good fit for your kids. For example, if they said that they didn’t enjoy the fact that their previous employer had a cat and they didn’t like animals, it won't work out if you have furry pets.

This is also a good way to learn what they enjoyed about their former job. Maybe they liked the relationship they built with her previous employer's children or she liked reading stories to the kids. All of these answers will give you an idea of what type of sitter or nanny they are.

8 What Activities Do You Like To Do With Kids?

Not only are babysitters or nannies supposed to watch your children, but they should also be playing with them too. They should be okay with doing arts and crafts, storytime, and any other activities kids enjoy during playtime. If you ask them what activities they like to do with kids, you can see what they would do with your little ones.

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Also, this is a great question to ask to see how creative a babysitter or nanny can get when they watch kids. So make sure to add this question to your list when you are interviewing for a childcare provider.

7 Why Did You Leave Your Previous Position Babysitting Position?

This is a must-ask question that you need to ask any candidate that you are willing to pay to watch your kids. Asking about them leaving their previous babysitting or nannying position could be a simple answer like the kids outgrew a babysitter, the family moved, or school started and they didn't need someone to watch their kids.

But this could also lead to more serious answers like they found it hard to handle the kids or an incident occurred that the parents didn’t approve of. Any of the latter answers would be red flags to not hire that person.

6 How Comfortable Are You Enforcing Household Rules?

Every family has house rules. Some rules are easy, like taking off your shoes at the front door. Other rules can be not jumping on the couch, no sweets before a meal and anything else a parent decides is a good idea. You need to feel comfortable that whoever you leave with your kids with, they're going to enforce any house rules you and your partner have in place.

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This will ensure that no matter who the kids are with they know what is expected of them.

5 How Do You Handle A Situation When A Child Is Having Behavior Issues?

As much as we wish our kids were perfect angels all the time, that just isn't true and kids can get upset or throw a temper tantrum when things don’t go their way. You need to know that if your kids are acting out that your babysitter or nanny will deal with their behavior issues in a way that you approve of.

Make sure to ask this question to any person your interview to see how they will handle your children if and when they get upset and see if it is a way that you would handle it too!

4 Are You Looking To Stay Long-Term With A Family?

One of the hardest things for kids to do is to handle change. So you want to make sure that no matter who you hire, they want a position that is going to be long-term for both you and them.

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Looking for long-term help will ensure that your caregiver will be able to form a relationship with your children and that they respect what they have to say when they are watching your little ones. When you look for someone who wants long-term work, that also means you don’t have to be on the constant search for a new babysitter.

3 Are There Any Activities Or Responsibilities That You Can’t Or Won’t Do?

Sometimes you will find out in the babysitter or nanny interview process that there are certain things that the caregiver won't do. For example, sometimes you will find someone who will not cook for kids or give them baths. And if you're looking for someone to watch your kids at night, then those are two big things that your kids are going to need.

There are going to need to have dinner and if you cannot prepare something ahead of time then that might not be the caregiver for you. Of if your little ones are still in diapers and the person interviewing says that won’t change any dirty diapers than you need to find someone else.

2 How Much Time Do You Allow For Watching TV Or Playing On Tablets?

Today kids love their technology and even at a young age, they will want to watch TV or play on a tablet. But by asking this question you will see how much time when you are gone that your kids will be paying attention to a screen.

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Many parents do not want their kids having too much screen time and want them to engage in stimulating activities. So if the person that you're interviewing says they love putting on movie after movie, then they aren't the right choice for you and your family.

1 Are You Trained In CPR Or First Aid?

One of the worst things that could happen to your child when you aren't there with them is them getting hurt. So you need to make sure that you hire someone who has had first aid and CPR training just in case the unthinkable happens.

You need to know that whoever you decide to watch your children will be able to handle anything from a papercut to a more serious injury. Make sure to ask this question and ask how they would handle a situation that would happen if they needed to use their training.

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