How To Spend More Quality Time With Your Child

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If there's one phrase that we're all accustomed to hearing these days, it's definitely "quality over quantity." It can apply to so many different aspects of our lives, but as we get older, it really applies to the relationships that we have with those around us - especially our children. As they get older, our kids are on the move and as parents, we too often become super uncool and not the people they want to be hanging out with. As long as we're able to have little nuggets of quality time though, it can make your whole relationship so much better. However, it's not always easy.

Thankfully, there are some ways to spend true quality time with your children that you can work easily into your daily routines that you will feel so thankful for. We get it: life is busy, hectic and these kids of ours seem to grow faster and faster with each passing year.

Family movie nights

There is nothing like putting on a movie everyone loves, popping popcorn and even indulging in some movie-style candy treats and watching it all together. The giggling, the chatting about the movie, the opportunity to discuss any big messages will bring everyone together instantly.

Daily connect time or meditate together

Whether it happens first thing in the morning, as soon as the kids get home, or even when you're driving them to evening activities, daily connect time is so important. Talk about your day, hear about theirs in a more meaningful way. You can even jot down some conversation starters so that you're not always asking them how their day was and getting groaning responses.

Schedule time to do the things they love, but together

Weekends are a great time to let kids take turns planning the activities. Having time to do the things the kids love, but with you by their side is a true bonding moment.

Solve family problems together

Did a light bulb break? Need to figure out how to untangle the Christmas tree lights? Instead of mom and dad taking on all the daily challenges, get the kids involved.

Make sure family meal time together is a must

There is nothing like having a great meal at the kitchen table where everyone is together to enjoy it. We totally get that something like this can't always happen every day, but a couple times a week is a great place to start!

Limit technology time

Schedule an hour each day, maybe right before bedtime where everyone turns off their technology and focuses on one another. The opportunities for quality time in these moments are truly endless!

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