Streamer Who Got Men to Donate $15,000 Is Actually Middle-Aged Woman With A Photo Filter

A Chinese vlogger who got men to send her $15,000 online is actually a middle-aged woman using a filter to make her look young and beautiful. The streamer's true identity was revealed when her filter stopped working due to a technical issue.

The popular video blogger called herself "Your Highness Qiao Biluo" initially had over 100,000 followers on DouYu. According to China's Global Times, the woman had been worshipped by her audience, who called her a "cute goddess" and voluntarily sent her money via online transactions. Some loyal viewers sent her over 100,000 yuan, equally nearly $15,000.

During a recent video stream, fans urged Qiao Biluo to show her true face, but she declined. She said she could only do that once she had received gifts of 100,000 yuan ($11,950). The money started rolling in, until suddenly men started unfollowing en mass and withdrawing their donations. That is when Her Highness noticed that something had gone wrong.

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At some point during her stream, the filter had stopped working. This glitch revealed her true face to all of her followers.

Qiao Biluo has since suspended her platform. This story brings up several questions. Is Qiao Biluo a con artist who deserves to have been revealed? Perhaps her absence is just good riddance.

On the other hand, what exactly were these men thinking? Who throws money at a stranger on a virtual platform? Not only is this behavior odd, but you would think they should have known that this woman would likely trick them. After all, it was clear that she was using a filter.

There is also a huge moral issue here. This story proves how much value a woman has based solely on appearance. It is honestly pretty disappointing that men out there would send money to a physically attractive woman and immediately reverse it when they see that she is not truly young and gorgeous.

Apparently, they were not interested in what she had to say. Interestingly, the other live-streamer, Qingzi, who showed no reaction to Qiao Biluo's face being revealed.

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