Pyrex Has Reissued Their Iconic 'Lucky In Love' Design

Most of us have memories growing up filled with yummy, cheesy and buttery casseroles cooked in brightly decorated Pyrex dishes. For some reason, the glass cookware company stopped producing most of the fun and popular designs some time ago, opening up a market for serious collectors. For those of us who can’t afford to drop $4 grand on one of the nostalgia-inducing items, here is some great news: Pyrex has re-issued one of their most popular patterns, and it is on sale now.

In March they started selling their 1959 limited-edition 'Lucky in Love' pattern, and currently the storage dishes with lids are available on their website. Unfortunately, it appears as though the casserole dishes and pie plates and other food storage containers are already sold out.

"The most distinct feature of the pattern has been its rarity and uplifting, fresh design," Pyrex told CountryLiving.com about the design. "The classic hearts-and-shamrocks pattern is the same, but now relaunched to reach a new generation of home cooks through a variety of food storage dish sizes with lids."

Pyrex dishes have been a staple in American kitchens since 1915, when Corning Glass Works introduced the cookware constructed out of low-thermal-expansion borosilicate glass. In recent years, the company’s designs have remained relatively minimalist in design, opting for clear glass instead of their iconic patterns. The "Lucky in Love" design was originally a limited release and the company has no record about how many pieces were sold, making it one of their most desirable — as well as valuable — items.

In fact, a recent eBay auction fetched a whopping $4,000.99 for a single vintage casserole dish. If you are dying to see one of these unicorns of the cookware world, you can head over to the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, New York, where they have on display an extremely rare prototype, sans the hearts.

Currently there currently aren’t any vintage Pyrex ‘Lucky in Love’ eBay auctions going on, but you can pick up a variety of other vintage items from the Pyrex collection. Also, the company hasn’t ruled out re-releasing other vintage designs in the future. "While we can't promise anything right now, maybe more Pyrex pattern favorites will return!" the said.

Also, CorningWare just released their iconic cornflower pattern baking dishes at at Bed Bath and Beyond and Corelle. The new collection includes casserole dishes, bowls, mugs, and more starting at just $8. So run, don't walk, if you want to scoop some up before they sell out.

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