Punky Brewster Sequel Series With Soleil Moon Frye In The Works

We're generally pretty excited when one of the shows we loved as kids or teens comes back in a new form. It's fun to see what some of our favorite characters are up to after we said our goodbyes! Networks have really ramped up reboots, and we're getting some good ones. Beverly Hills, 90210 is coming back to Fox (but without our beloved Dylan McKay, sob!). The Baby-Sitters Club is getting limited series run on Netflix.

Cartoons are being updated and revamped, and Disney is churning out some amazing live-action remakes of some of our favorite movies. It's like reliving our childhood all over again! So imagine our glee when we heard that Punky Brewster might be coming back to TV. We wanted to be just like Punky so bad! Now we may get a chance to see how Punky grew up, and we are so excited we could scream.

NBCUniversal’s Universal Content Productions announced that a follow-up series to the original show was currently in development. The best part? Punky is coming back! Soleil Moon-Frye, the actress who starred as Punky for four seasons in the 80's, is set to come back and star in the new series as grown-up Punky. Moon-Frye, now 42, will play adult Punky.

In the revival, Punky will be a single mom of three trying to get her life back on track. She'll meet a young girl who reminds her of her younger self, and presumably will reconnect to her old spitfire spirit. We also assume the clothes will still be funky, because even though she's all grown up, she's still Punky.

Moon-Frye will serve as executive producer of the Punky Brewster reboot, with original series creator David Duclon. Jimmy Fox is also signed on as an executive producer along with Steve and Jim Armogida of School of Rock and Grounded For Life, who will also pen the series. George Gaynes, who played Punky's foster dad Henry passed away in 2016.

No word on if Punky's best friend Cherie, played by Cherie Johnson, will also be returning. Punky is one of those characters that we always wanted to see all grown up, so we are excited for this reboot!

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