Puffer Jacket Dresses Exist And They're Something Else

puffer coat dress

When the temperature starts to dip, we are constantly looking for ways to stay warm but still look cute! It's easy to do from fab to drab when you have to cover up your outfit with layers and layers of coats and scarves and boots and whatnot. Now typically, we're pretty fashion over function. However, we can't function when it's cold outside, so we can't sacrifice warmth for the sake of looking good. But maybe we don't need to do that anymore! If you've got a few thousand dollars to spend, maybe you want to blow your wad on a Montcler puffer dress to keep you warm from top to bottom this winter. We're not saying it's cute, but we are guessing it'll keep your buns nice and toasty when it's in the teens outside. Bonus points: you'll look like one of those weird crocheted toilet paper toppers!

puffer jacket
Credit: Barney's

Montcler is known for their high-end puffer jackets, which can run into the thousands. We suppose you get what you pay for, although we're not sure how much warmer a $2000 jacket is versus the $40 one we got on sale at Nordstrom Rack. This year, though, Montcler took the puffer jacket to a whole new level with the release of their full-length puffer dress. Yes, that's right. They are selling a down-quilted full-length puffer dress, in pink and blue. This thing is wild.

We just ... there's so much to take in here. It's like a wedding dress for the Michelin Man's bride. The outside is 100% polyamide, and the fill is 90% goose down and 10% feathers. So it is a legitimate puffer jacket dress.

puffer jacket
Credit: Barney's

We are cracking up over this thing, you guys! But honestly, we would probably totally wear this. That is, if it didn't cost $2700. TWO THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS to look like you just stepped off the top of a cake. The funniest thing about it is that the puffer jacket dress has sold out on the Montcler website. But don't worry! You can still order it from Barney's. That is, if you're a size 00-1. Because those are the only sizes the dress comes in. Which makes sense, because if you're a size 00, you probably don't have enough body fat to generate your own body heat.

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