Online Shopping Addiction Is A Mental Health Condition Says Psychotherapists

Online shopping has become an addiction. Experts now recommend that it should have its own classification. Formally viewed as a subcategory of impulse control disorder, psychotherapists now want online shopping to be considered a mental health issue in its own right.

Ordering items with a click-of-a-button is so satisfying. What could be more convenient than shopping from the comfort of your own home? With access to almost any product you can imagine, and having it arrive at your doorstep within a couple of days is easy. You can literally get anything online, even a house! As it turns out, online shopping might be a little too easy.

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Experts now believe that online shopping addiction is a mental health issue. Researchers from Hannover Medical School want the condition, commonly referred to as "Buying-Shopping Disorder," made official. With its own classification, researchers claim that mental health professionals will be able to accumulate further knowledge and improve their treatment methods.

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Buying-Shopping Disorder (BSD) is characterized by strong urges to own certain items, extreme preoccupation with such activity, and cravings to make online purchases. Those afflicted, spend a significant amount of time browsing and buying products online. Dr. Astrid Muller, who led the study, wants BSD recognized as a separate mental health condition. He believes that BSD has its own unique characteristics and should no longer be lumped together with the general impulse disorders.

Many people understand why shopping can be addictive, but it is quite fascinating that the online kind has such a pull. Of course, the convenience factor comes into play here. But the endorphin rush associated with tapping the "Buy Now" button, has apparently, been underestimated. Why are people getting addicted to online shopping? Wouldn't the ability to compare prices and search for only what is needed, lead to wiser purchases instead of needless ones? Perhaps it is the feeling of power. Being able to buy any product at any moment, without having to leave the house, leaves people craving for more.

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