Kim Kardashian West Shares 'Sweet' Photo Of Baby Son Psalm

New babies are literally the cutest. They're small and cuddly and they smell so good. If it isn't for the fact that they grow up, we'd all have a million of them right? Kim Kardashian recently shared a picture of her sweet baby Psalm, and it will certainly send your ovaries into hyperdrive.

"I meannnnn my baby Psalm is so sweet!!!" she captions the photo. And she's absolutely right! Little Psalm looks like a squishy ball of joy, rocking a gray two piece out and a sweet smile. And looking at all the likes and comments the photo is getting, everyone is in agreement with Kardashian over her tiny bundle of joy.

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I meannnnn my baby Psalm is so sweet!!!

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"Little tiny goose bunny," Kim's older sister and baby Psalm's auntie, Kourtney Kardashian commented. "SO SMOOCHABLE PSALM!" Relatively Nat & Liv star Olivia Pierson says, adding a heart and heart-eye emoji. "Lucky," writes singer and mom Gwen Stefani who, like all moms with older kids, is jealous of such a wee baby.

Psalm (yes, like the book of the Bible) was born via surrogate in early May. Kardashian made the announcement in a social media post accompanied by a photo from her baby shower. "We celebrated our baby boy about a week ago and now he’s here! He’s so perfect!" She wrote.

Psalm is Kardashian's fourth child with her husband, musician Kanye West. He joins older sisters North and Chicago and big brother Saint. Even though she's no stranger to motherhood, Kim had the same fears many moms have before the baby is born. With two toddlers and a kindergartener at home, of course she worried about how another baby would fit into the family.

"I was freaking out for nothing because he is the most calm and chill of all of my babies so far and everyone loves him so much," she wrote.

About a month ago, Kardashian shared the first picture of baby Psalm, along with his first name. In the picture, he looks absolutely serene as he sleeps, probably among the chaos of a busy household. She also shared a precious picture of big bro Saint sweetly cradling Psalm's face. "My boys," she wrote.

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My boys 🖤🖤

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It's clear that Psalm is a very laid back little babe. And that he is also very very loved.

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