Pros & Cons Of Letting Kids Help in the Kitchen

Some parents consider the kitchen to be a kid-free zone when they're cooking a meal, while other parents love getting their kids to help out and get their hands messy. There is no right or wrong answer to letting your kids help out in the kitchen, it's truly up to each parent and the maturity level of the kids.

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But there are some pros and cons to having your kids help out when you're in the kitchen. Keep reading to discover the pros and cons of letting your kids cook with you.

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10 Pro: Keeps Them Busy

One of the hardest parts of being a parent is juggling multiple tasks at once. So many times when you're trying to cook a healthy meal, you're also keeping an eye on your child to make sure they are not getting into trouble. But once you bring your child in the kitchen, you can keep them busy while they're right next to you.

The task you give them could be small like putting a premade salad into bowls or washing the veggies that you're going to cook with. No matter what the task you give them, you will keep their hands busy and out of trouble!

9 Con: You Won't Have Alone Time To De-Stress

At the end of a long day, one of the best things to do is to spend time cooking in the kitchen. There is just something about preparing (and then enjoying) a home-cooked meal that can make all of your worries go away.

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Deciding to let your little one help you out in the kitchen means staying patient, calm, and keeping your cool. You might like having some time to cook alone after a long day, so that's something to keep in mind.

8 Pro: Good Family Bonding Time

Creating good family bonds is something you need to instill in your child when they are young. Spending time in the kitchen making a dish together is a fantastic way to have quality time as a family. We know that the time you spend together in the kitchen is going to be something they look back at one they are older.

This family tradition is something they are going to want to do with their future kids one day. Invite your kids into the kitchen to have some quality family bonding time.

7 Con: You Have To Watch Everything They're Doing

If you decided to let your child help you in the kitchen, you're going to have to keep an eye on them and what they're doing. Whether they are peeling potatoes or cutting up veggies, these sharp tools can lead to dangerous situations if they aren't being careful and paying attention to what they're doing.

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So as a parent, you need to help them with any sharp tools or teach them how to use it and why it's important to be serious when using tools in the kitchen.

6 Pro: It Helps Them Have A Positive Relationship With Food

We all eat, but a lot of people have an unhealthy relationship with food. That's why having your kids help out in the kitchen can be a great way of preventing this.

Having your child be hands-on with food can teach them that food is something their body needs to function. Your kids need to know what foods are healthy for them to eat and how it helps their body grow and give them the energy to do their daily activities.

5 Con: You Have To Cook Simple Meals

Being a home cook is great as you get to try new recipes and see which ones you love making and the food your family loves eating. But if you're known for making complex meals for your family, you'll probably want to make simple meals when you have a child helping you out.

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This means any meals that require a lot of cutting, peeling, or cooking over a very hot stove are going to be out of the question when you want your child to help out. So head online to find some easy meals that you can make with your kids in the kitchen.

4 Pro: It Teaches Them Life Skills

As parents, we're always trying to teach our little ones new and important skills they're going to need for their whole life. These skills range from dealing with emotions to picking themselves back up after being disappointed. And having your little one in the kitchen with you will teach them cooking skills they're going to use for the rest of their lives.

Cooking is a skill they are going to need after they move out and are living on their own. Start teaching your little one when they are still young so they are going to be a chef in the kitchen when they are grown.

3 Con: It May Lead To A Mess

Some people try to keep a very clean kitchen while they are cooking to have less time cleaning up after the meal. But if you want your kids to help you out in the kitchen, then the truth is that kids are messy.

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Whether it's sauce getting spilled everywhere to fresh food being dropped on the floor, you're going to have to learn to laugh it off when kids are cooking. So if you are the type of person who loves everything being super clean, you might not want your little ones helping out.

2 Pro: Kids Are More Likely To Try New Foods

Sometimes trying to get kids to try new foods is like pulling teeth. There is just something about new foods that makes kids nervous about trying it. But if they're in the kitchen helping you put the dish together, they're going to be more likely to try the meal since the made it.

They're going to know what's in it and they're going to feel accomplished that they will want to try the dish. If you have a picky eater, then bring them in the kitchen to help you out and you will see their palate grow as they are excited to eat new foods.

1 Con: It Can Take More Time

It can be tough to make dinner in less than an hour. When you get home from work and you're just trying to put something together quickly for everyone to eat something, then you might not want your child in the kitchen helping you out.

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Having kids in the kitchen is going to take longer for you to cook any meal no matter what the difficulties are. This is because kids need you to explain things and to supervise tasks, meaning more time in the kitchen, making this another con to having your little ones cook with you.

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