The Pros And Cons Of Letting Your Baby “Cry it Out”

Hearing your baby cry is the worst and as parents, we just want to see our children happy and giggly all the time. But for some reason whenever it comes to putting your little one down to sleep they are always fussy.

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To deal with the fussing bedtime babies many parents like to use the cry it out method where after they place their child down for bed the do not go back into their nursery to comfort them. This method is not good for every parent of every baby. So keep reading to learn about the pros and cons of the cry it out method to find out if this is something you want to use on your little one.

10 PRO: Fewer Bedtime Fights

If you find that every night you have to have the same battle when it comes to getting your little one to go to be then you are going to want to try the cry it out method with your baby. Using the cry it out methods will ultimately lead to fewer bedtime fights when it comes time to put your little down for bed.

Your child is going to learn that once they get placed in their crib that you are going to leave the room and then it is up to them to relax and go to sleep.

9 CON: Hearing Your Little One Cry

But if you decide that you want your child to practice the method of crying it out you will have to fight the urge to comfort them. This means you will have to listen to your baby cry when you put them down for bed.

8 PRO: Can Teach Independence

As parents we want our kids to grow up and become independent. A great way for your little one to start learning independence at a young age is to let them cry it out. Letting your little one cry it out will teach them to start relying on themselves and that they are in control of their emotions.

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Getting your baby ahead starts on controlling their emotions and being independent is always good. So, teach your baby independence with the cry it out method to have themselves teach themselves to calm down.

7 CON: Can Lead To Crying Before All Sleep And Nap Times

Getting a fussy child to go to bed is difficult. And if you have tried the cry it out method you might have seen that every time you put your baby down for a nap or bedtime that your little one always has to cry before they fall asleep.

This can be linked directly to the cry it out method since your baby is now in the routine of needing to cry before the sleep. So before you try out this method make sure to think it through all the way.

6 PRO: It Can Help Your Baby Fall Asleep Faster

Crying is tiring and using the cry it out method can help your little one fall asleep faster at night. Your baby is going to start to notice that no matter how much they cry you never come back to comfort them.

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This means your child is going to start going to bed faster after you put them down. And if they do cry it out before falling asleep they crying is just going to exhaust them and give them a good sleep. Try the cry it out method if you find your little one tries to stay up all night.

5 CON: May Affect Your Baby's Relationship With You

Once you start using the cry it out method you might start to see that your baby is not acting differently towards you. Of course, they are still realizing that you are their mother and they rely on you for food and safety, but you might see them start distancing themselves due to you not comforting them anymore when they are crying.

Your baby is going to start not to want you to confront them even if they are happy since they know you will not be there if they are sad.

4 PRO: Teaches Them How To Soothe Themselves

Self-soothing is a tool that everyone needs to learn in life. If you decide that you want to use the cry it out method then you are going to be pleased to know that this teaches them how to soothe themselves.

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Once your baby realizes that it is just them in their room and no one is checking up on them or trying to comfort them, they are going to have to start learning to calm down and relax on their own. And these skills they learn in their crib are going to be one they use for the rest of their lives.

3 CON: Can Foster Bad Behavior

We never want our kids to act out, but unfortunately, there have been studies linked to the cry it out method and bad behavior. According to PsychologyToday.com, using the cry it out method can lead your baby towards bad behaviors.

This is due to not comforting them while they are crying they are going to start to think that they can do other bad things and it will be okay. Crying it out can also foster anger and aggression in your child which can lead to them acting differently.

2 PRO: Trains Their Brain To Stress Less

Feeling stressed out is the worst since it affects us mentally and physically. CNN.com states that when your baby has to learn to self-soothe themselves they are training their brains to stress less in the long run.

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Since your baby has learned to calm down on their own they are now learning skills to not stress and cry over the little things that use to make them cry before. Encourage your child, while they are still young, to learn coping skills related to stress so they can live a stress-free life.

1 CON: It May Elevate Blood Pressure

Crying it out, especially if your baby can not self-soothe within the first few minutes, can lead to high blood pressure in your child. Since crying affects a person's whole body and does not just deal with emotions, BitsyBugBoutique.com mentions that when your baby is crying constantly it can overall elevate their blood pressure levels.

High blood pressure can be a serious threat to your baby if this is reoccurring. Talk to your doctor about crying it out and high blood pressure when it comes to your little one.

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