10 Products To Keep The House Organized And Orderly

Homes are filled with loving family members, memories from past celebrations, belongings that bring comfort… and messes! We all have that one closet and that one drawer, filled to the top with all sorts of junk. Plus, we all have items that need organization in general, like beauty products, DVDs, office supplies and clothing accessories.

If anyone is looking to get their house in order (and who isn’t), we suggest starting with these 10 products. They are affordable. They are trendy. They are highly rated. And, most importantly, they are out there, waiting to be purchased and to get everything organized!

10 Media Storage Cabinet


This storage cabinet can hold up to 240 CDs, up to 108 DVDs, up to 132 Blu-ray discs, up to 108 Wii games or up to 132 PS3 games. It can be used for more than just media, though, as seen in this accompanying image, and the adjustable shelves offer endless customization.

It is also quite sleek, with its matte black finish and its lightweight and durable construction, meaning it won’t take up a ton of space in a room, yet it will help organize possessions and show off home decor items that can also be placed along the shelves.

9 Drawer Dividers


Dividers like these are so handy, and we always recommend buying some for every room in the house and for every member of the family. This particular version is a set of four, which comes in gray or brown.

This item is made with non-woven fabric that is mold-proof, as well. The 6-cell size is great for holding scarves, the 8-cell option would be smart for ties, the 7-cell size can store underwear, and the large one, with 24 cells, can keep socks matched and together. Stored under the bed, in drawers or at the top of a closet, these dividers are a must-have!

8 Mop and Broom Holder



Closets fill up quickly, and people sometimes need quick and easy access to certain items. That is where this rack comes into play.

It can hold everything from mops and brooms in the utility room to garden tools and sports equipment in the garage. Another fantastic thing about this holder is that it easily secures to the wall, keeping everything out of the way yet right in reach. This may be another product that is purchased in bulk (to keep, use and to give as gifts), as everyone has a couple of areas at home that could use something like this!

7 Metal Tower Bathroom Shelf


It may just be us, but we think that bathrooms just never have enough storage space. We need room for towels and toiletries, for cosmetics and cleaners, for hair and health products. We need this! A metal tower like this one, that has shelves on it, can help reduces clutter and can instantly create extra storage space.

While this one shows off a great way to organize a bathroom, we can see this working in several ways and holding books in a bedroom, knick knacks in a living room, tools in a garage or spices in the kitchen, as well.

6 Pan and Pot Organizer


Speaking of keeping a kitchen tidy, here is another smart buy. This organizer is height-adjustable, making it work for five different pots and pans. It is made with sturdy steel construction, features an elegant chrome finish and requires no hardware to install.

People who are searching for a present to give at a bridal shower or to carry over to new neighbors as a housewarming gift may want to keep this handy product in mind - and then buy one or two for themselves also, as a neat way to organize pots and pans in each and every kitchen cabinet.

5 Cereal Containers - 3 Pc + FREE 18 Chalkboard Labels & Marker


Airtight containers come in handy when storing things like cereal and sugar in the kitchen, and these are a super cool way to do so. They are BPA-free, they feature a four-sided locking lid with a silicone seal, and they have a flap opening for easy access.

Since they are clear, it will be easy to find everything in the pantry, and since the lids are removable, it will also be easy to clean the jars' interiors ( they are dishwasher-safe, too). Along with this purchase, people get eighteen waterproof chalkboard labels and a marker, so just write, peel and stick in order to label the containers!

4 Foldable Storage Cube Basket Bin - 6 Pack


When it comes to getting a house in order and keeping it organized, foldable baskets are the best place to start; they are attractive and lightweight solutions to many storage needs - everything from games, toys and craft supplies to linens, clothes, accessories and supplies can be kept in these.

But wait… There’s more! This six-pack option comes in a variety of colors, meaning kids can match theirs to their bedrooms, or people can stick with neutral tones that blend in well, no matter the design of a space. We suggest getting a few, in a couple of different colors, as they are just so handy!

3 6 Piece Refrigerator/Freezer Organizer Bins with Handles


This stackable organizer set gives people a clear view of what is in the fridge and the freezer - literally. Each bin has built-in handles, making transporting food products in and out super easy. With this purchase, buyers get two wide containers (good for fruits and veggies), two narrow containers (to hold sleek-sized items and condiments), one egg tray with a lid and one soda can tray.

Since these are strong, durable, BPA-free and dishwasher-safe, they could be used to organize other spaces in a house, too, since the wide bin, specifically, could hold toys, movies, charging cables or paper products, for instance.

2 Foldable Storage Bag Organizers


Some more handy organizers are seen right here. These feature large clear windows to see what is inside each bag and handles that make moving them around a breeze.

There are divided sections that are wise for storing seasonal clothes and linens, and when these organizers are not in use, they fold away and can be placed under a bed, in a drawer or at the top of a closet. The zipper closure on this item helps protects against dust, water damage and smells. Furthermore, this is a pack of three that comes in numerous colors, which is fun!

1 15-Drawer Organizer Cart


We saved one of the best for the last spot… With 15 drawers, this cart can provide plenty of space for keeping a home tidy. We can picture it holding papers and pens in a study. It could organize all of our makeup and cosmetics. The kids could keep arts and crafts supplies in it.

The garage could get an update, as this would also hold tools. Plus, this cool cart has removable drawers, so if someone just needs the drawer with nail polish or the one with colored pencils, they can take it and go then easily slide it back in.

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