10 Products To Help Kids Calm Down & Relax

There are times when stress and anxious feelings creep into life, and this is also true for children; different situations, experiences and obstacles can cause kids to feel uneasy and stressed, which is why it is so important to equip them with ways in which they can calm down and relax.

The following 10 products all exist to do just that. They are all available on Amazon. They can all assist with mindfulness, meditation and managing these feelings of anxiety. And they may even help some of the parents and adults out there feel less stressed, as well! Let's dig in.

10 Calming Sensory LED Light Projector


First up is a sensory-based product that works wonders and also looks super cool… The blue light in this LED projector creates a sea-like illusion on the ceiling. The movement and sounds that are associated with the ocean can create a calming effect for many.

This is especially useful during a bedtime routine when a stressed-out or hyped-up kid needs some assistance with calming down and lying down for bed. Parents can easily use this to throw up ocean-like patterns around the room, which will hopefully lull a child right to sleep.

9 The Honest Company Truly Calming Lavender Bubble Bath


Another known action that helps to calm a person is a bubble bath, especially one infused with lavender. This product is from The Honest Company, and it has a tear-free formula that is perfect for children.

It is made up of natural ingredients and essential oils (with no sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrances or dyes), and it is plant-based, hypoallergenic, gentle and full of lots of foam; that means that this bubble bath can relax a child in a fun way, which is another smart thing to do right before bed.

8 Infinity Cube Fidget Toy


Fidget spinners and Rubiks cubes combine to create this Infinity Cube! It is small enough to be used in one hand and to fit in a pocket, so it is great for on-the-go and traveling kids and teens. It is made of high-quality materials, such as eight ABS plastic blocks and stainless steel metal rivets.

And this is a smart option for people of all ages, as it can be played with while studying, flipped around when stress starts to arise, set out as a cool desk accessory or pulled out in case of an anxiety-filled emergency.

7 Liquid Motion Bubbler Timer


On a similar note, this is another sensory item that is great for when it comes to relaxation; this Liquid Motion Bubbler Timer has floating colors in it, like a lava lamp, and watching it and playing with it can be super calming.

The rhythmic way that the oil droplets move even can make the colorful wheels in this toy spin, which is also quite mesmerizing. Since this timer goes for about one minute, kids who are stressed or who have special needs, autism or ADHD can use this as a way to time themselves and count down until they are more relaxed.

6 Magnet Desk Decor


A final toy-like object on this list is another great desk item, and it is magnetic, which is always fun! With its magnet base and balls, this can be played with and shaped in many different ways, in order to promote intellectual development and as a way to calm a kid (or adult!) down.

It is a perfect size and shape for a flat surface, so this would be a nice addition to homework time, in order to help kiddos who get stressed out when working on projects for school.

5 MyBaby Soundspa On-the-Go - Portable White Noise Machine


For babies and smaller children, a smart option, when talking about calming effects, is a white noise machine. This one features four different sounds that should all be relaxing to kids: a heartbeat, an ocean, a lullaby and white noise.

This item is also durable, small and lightweight enough to take anywhere and everywhere, no matter where a nap may happen. It comes with a clip, too, in order to attach to bags, cribs and strollers, and it has a built-in auto-off timer that adds to the ease of using it.

4 Mandala Coloring Book for Kids


Coloring can be very soothing for people of all ages, but the Big Mandalas to Color for Relaxation, Book 1 is focused primarily on kids; it has big mandala designs, thick lines and large spaces that make it simple for children to create 8.5" x 11" masterpieces.

A coloring book like this is wise to have in the classroom, while traveling or when friends are over, since it is an enjoyable activity that promotes creativity and relaxation… two things that can and should be promoted regularly and often by parents/adults

3 Fluorescent Light Filters, Set of 4


Speaking of classrooms… Many of them have fluorescent lighting in them, which can cause glares, eyestrain, headaches and even anxiety. With these easy-to-use fabric panels, though, light fixtures can get an update by being replaced with tranquil blue colors… and that means there will be less of a strain, fewer headaches and less anxiety overall!

While this pack of four is intended for educational settings, they could be placed over any light or lamp, as they are heat-resistant and great for creating a more peaceful environment that kids and adults will surely enjoy and appreciate.

2 Kids Swing Hammock Pod Chair


This chair not only helps in this area of de-stressing, but it will also make a super engaging addition to any space… one that a kid will never want to leave.

Made out of weather-resistant polyester and colorful cotton, this pod swing is the perfect place for a child to escape to, in order to relax. It has a 176-pound weight capacity, with sturdy straps that make it safe enough to hang from the ceiling or in a tree. Hammock chairs like this are also smart to use for autism therapy and sensory relief, making this an entertaining, useful and versatile piece.

1 Mindful Games Activity Cards


This last suggestion that is on this shopping list includes 55 Fun Ways to Share Mindfulness with Kids and Teens. It takes a playful approach to helping kids focus and to helping them control their emotions.

The 55 cards include techniques, games, activities and illustrations that will equip children with the tools they need to stay stress-free and calm. This is another product that would be neat to use with groups, like in classrooms, or with siblings, as a family works together to create a happier and healthier life.

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