Private Education: Pros & Cons to Sending Your Kids to Private School

As your child gets older and further up into the education system, you might start feeling like you do not want your kids to go to the public schools in your district. This can be for many reasons, all of which are valid, but private school is not for every child. In school you want your kids to be successful and want to wake up and go to school throughout the week. So keep reading to discover the pros and cons of sending your child to private school to see if it is going to be the right fit for your kids.

10 Con: Not As Many Extracurricular Activities

It is known that private schools put a big emphasis on education and because of this they might not have as many extracurricular activities as a public school. If your child is going to a new private school they might not have a sports facility built yet meaning they can have limited or no sports for your child to attend. In public schools, students can easily start a new club based on their interest, private schools do not allow that often nor do they have the range of clubs that most public schools have.

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9 Pro: Networking

If you are looking at brochures from a private school you are going to notice they list out where their alumni have gone off to work. These private schools take great pride in the students and their alumni and this allows your child to be able to start networking in high school. These networking opportunities can help your child get into their dream college, job, or internship over other students that do not know anyone in the company or school they are applying for. Give your child an advantage with the networking that private schools have!

8 Con: A Lot Of Pressure

One of the biggest downfalls that come with any private school that you are looking at is your child is going to feel a lot of pressure. They are going to feel pressure academically to be as good or even better than their fellow classmates. They can even feel pressure to have the same new and experience items that their friends have in school as all. All of these pressures can make your kids feel overwhelmed and can lead them to experience burnout while they are in high school!

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7 Pro: Better Technologies

There is a reason why private schools charge a lot for fees and tuition and that is to cover the cost of their teachers and to keep up-to-date on the best technology out there. Of course, public schools are going to have computer labs for students to use, but they are not going to be as nice as private schools. Not only do private schools have better technology when it comes to computers, but they are going to have other technologies that are out on the market for their students and teachers to use.

6 Con: Does Not Require Teachers To Be Certified By The State

Something that you might not know about private schools is that teachers do not have to be certified by the state for them to teach there. This is because they do not receive any funding from the government and they can make their own rules and decisions for hiring teachers. Public schools, on the other hand, have to follow a strict rule when it comes to hiring teachers and that is they must have a degree, teaching hours, certification, and have a master's planned after so many years after they hire them.

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5 Pro: Smaller Class Sizes

Public schools are for everyone, and due to this, they can have large class sizes. Though most schools try to cap classes at 25 students per one teacher that is not always the case and sometimes a teacher can have over 30 students in one class. In private schools, the class sizes are very small and can be as little as 10 students per teacher in some classes. If you know your child needs that individual attention to succeed then you might want to think about looking into private schools.

4 Con: Not Diverse

Since private schools are primarily for the wealthy they are not going to be as diverse as you are going to see in public schools. Having diversity in schools is a wonderful thing for your child to learn about other people’s cultures and beliefs. This is going to be able to widen your child’s perception of the world, whereas in private schools children are going to be placed in a bubbly of what the real world is really like. Let your child learn about how diverse the world is by sending them to public schools.

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3 Pro: Very Academic Focused

When looking into any private school you will notice right away how much emphasis they put on academics. They typical will have a students whole time planned out before their kids even start their very first day of school. You want your child to be smart and learn new things, ad private schools are going to be able to push your kids academically that a public school might not be able to do. So if your public school is known for not having the best ratings for their teachings and academics then you might want to consider private schools.

2 Con: Costly

Private schools are known for being costly. From having to pay tuition, fees, buying uniforms, and other items, it can add up fast. And not every family has that kind of extra money to send to their child’s education that is not college. Public schools, on the other hand, are free and even if you have to pay for school supplies and field trips it will never be anywhere as much as it cost you to send your child to private school. If money is tight in your family then you might not want to send your child to a private school so you can save money.

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1 Pro: Gives You Kids A Competitive Edge

Traditional Homeschooling-Or School At Home

In life you want your children to be successful in both their personal and professional lives. Many parents believe that sending their children to private schools will give them the edge they need over other kids. This is due to the weight the school name carries at colleges, and the academic performances that the school expects from their students will get them far in life. So if you are thinking about your child’s life in the long run about what a private education can do for them, it might be the best choice to send your child to school there over a public school.

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