There’s A $15,000 Private Dining Experience At Disney That Is Full On Luxurious

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There are fewer places more magical than Disneyland. And for good reason; the entire purpose of the theme park is to create a magical experience for all of its guests. We also know that your average trip to Disneyland isn't going to come cheaply. But now, there is a truly magical, albeit very expensive way to experience the true magic and grandeur of Disneyland. The 21 Royal Experience is a private dining experience tucked into one of the more popular areas of the park.

In the heart of New Orleans, just above the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, is the apartment that was created for Walt Disney and his wife to live in. The apartment has now been turned into 21 Royal, the most elegant of attractions.

The private dining experience at 21 Royal is for 12 people, and costs $15,000. That is a hefty price tag indeed, but remember, this isn't just dinner, it's an experience. The 21 Royal Experience includes park hopper passes for all members of your party, complete VIP treatment, including personal concierge service for your guests and an escort to the apartment, a dinner specially created for you and your guests, a tour of the apartment, and dessert on the private patio, where, if there is a light and firework show that night, you have a front row seat.

The residence, which was built for Walt Disney and his wife Lillian (sadly Walt died before construction was finished) as a "luxurious oasis in which to host celebrities and dignitaries," per the official website. Since it sits in the heart of New Orleans, it is decorated with luxe decor to emulate 19th Century New Orleans. Upon arrival, you are met by staff, and also served by waiters and waitresses.

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When it's time, your dinner is served in the dining room on gold plated china and the finest crystal. Then you are eating a meal specifically designed for your party with the best quality ingredients and wine pairings.

But here's the best part...dessert. And not just because it's dessert. When it's time, the group retires to the private balcony that looks out on the park to enjoy their sweets with a view. If you're lucky, the Fantasmic! show will be playing that evening, or one of the other firework shows. You get to see it from above the crowds of people; so no one shoving you, and no whiny kids. Then you and your party get to explore the two bedroom apartment, but unfortunately, you can't sleep there.

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The private experience at 21 Royal books up to six months advance; on the first of each month, another month is added. The contact information to book this magical experience can be found here.

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