Here's How Prince George Will Celebrate His 6th Birthday

Prince George will turn six on July 22, and his parents have planned him a birthday bash to remember. Kate Middleton has planned most of the party, with a little help from Prince William too.

Kate Middleton is known for having a knack for perfection, so we are sure George's party will be a hit. The duchess is also very hands-on with her parenting. She prefers to be involved in her children's lives, rather than over-relying on hired help. Kate takes her children's photographs herself, dresses them, and in general remains very much involved. Prince George's sixth birthday party is no different.

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The Details

The royal birthday bash will take place at Kensington Palace on July 22. George's classmates are all invited, as well as his two younger siblings, four-year-old Charlotte and baby Louis.

Fun and Entertainment

A magician will be the main entertainment at the party. Prince George reportedly loves magic, and his father, Prince William, came up with the idea to have a magician. There will also be a bouncy castle.


On the menu are pizza, pasta, and sliders. For dessert, the children will enjoy cupcakes, candy, and ice cream.

A Normal Childhood

True to Princess Diana's ideals, Prince William and Kate Middleton strive to provide their children as normal a childhood as possible. Prince Williams later mother believed that children deserved to enjoy their childhoods free from the limelight and pressures of being born into fame. After all, it was not their choice.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have done well in providing this for their three children. Kate involves them in gardening and baking projects that she does on her own, and other types of things regular children enjoy.

The party they have planned for Prince George sounds just like any six year old's party. Obviously, the royals have the means to give little George the world, but what he probably really wants is a magician, a bouncy castle, cake, and a fun time with his friends.

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