Kate Middleton Let Prince George Play With A Toy Gun, And People Are Absolutely Outraged

Just months after receiving flack for looking "too perfect" hours after giving birth to her third child, Kate Middleton is being criticized once again, this time for something entirely different. Social media is up in arms over photos that surfaced this weekend of Kate's son, Prince George, playing with a plastic toy gun.

Here's a set-up of the scene: The Duchess of Cambridge was brought the pint-sized prince and his sister, Princess Charlotte, to the Maserati Royal Charity Polo Trophy. Her husband, Prince William, was participating in the event so naturally the family wanted to cheer him on . It appeared to be a bright, almost-summer's day during which Kate, George, and Charlotte were casually sprawled on the bright green lawn. As any mom would do in this situation, the mother of three brought an array of toys for her kiddos enjoyment. Unfortunately, one of these happened to include a toy gun.

Social media was in an uproar over images of Prince George playing with the plastic toy -- from looking through it's pretend viewfinder to pointing it directly at Kate. According to PopSugar, the toy gun was part of a S.W.A.T. set that also included handcuffs, a compass, and a serrated knife (again, plastic).

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Considering the gun violence issue we currently have in the United States, and the harrowing number of deaths by gun violence this year alone, social media is taking Kate to task for what they consider to be a poor choice in toys.

Some pointed out that people have lost their lives because they thought a gun was fake, when it was not. In fact, The Washington Post reported that police killed 86 people who were carrying guns that looked real, but in fact weren't.

Others take issue with the idea that these toys glamorize guns and lead children to believe that the real ones aren't as dangers as they actually are, adding to the epidemic.

There were a handful of folks who defended Kate's choice to allow George to play with the offending toys, saying that growing up they, too, had a chest full of them but never desired to use a real one later in life.

With gun control and gun violence such a sensitive and relevant issue, it's understandable that these images would divide social media in such a way. Ultimately, it's up to Kate and William how to parent their children, but hopefully they will consider some of the heartfelt feelings and suggestions from truly concerned moms and dads.

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