You Can Now Buy Wrapping Paper With Your Own Face On It

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With the holiday season now just around the corner, you may have already started to do some shopping. People put a lot of thought and effort in to picking out just the right gift for friends and family, and put just as much effort in to wrapping gifts so they look Pinterest perfect. In fact, Americans spend almost $3.2 billion (!!!) on wrapping paper and gift bags each year, making it clear that consumers like their gifts to look amazing when they give them.

For those who take their gift wrapping seriously and want to add a special touch this holiday season or for any occasion, customized wrapping paper that can be personalized with your own face is now available to order. This amazing product is the brainchild of Prezzybox and you can customize your wrapping paper with any face you chooose. You can have paper printed with your own face or the face of the person you're gifting it to, or you can even have your pet's face printed! You simply have to upload a clear picture to the company's website where the face can be seen clearly and they work their magic from there. You can either have the paper printed with just your face, or you can add a Santa hat if you want to use the paper for Christmas gifts.

It costs approximately $23 for a two meter roll which may seem a bit on the pricey side, but the paper is customized so you can understand that it may cost a bit more than the average wrapping paper. Some may like the paper so much they won't want to ruin it, so be prepared to wait while they carefully unwrap their gift, trying to make sure they don't tear or destroy the fun wrapping.

Unfortunately it seems that Prezzybox only ships the personalized wrapping paper in the UK currently, but there are options out there if you live in the US. Zazzle allows you to upload up to 10 pictures to create your own customized wrapping paper, as well as companies like Personalization MallGift Wrap My Face and Minted.

Personalized wrapping paper is a fun way to truly personalize the gift giving experience and can even be a clever way to reveal a Secret Santa. This paper will let the recipient know you really put a lot of thought in to their gift, so much so that you were willing to put your face on it!

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