These Recipes Written By Preschoolers Are Ridiculous, And Perfect

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It feels like there are cooking tutorials everywhere nowadays. But none of them are quite like this one. In a series of posts, Twitter user Jordan Adams shared the cookbook created by his nephew Ethan and Ethan's preschool class. All the kids came up with her own recipes, and they are so adorable. Obviously, they're very creative with their interpretations of recipes.

That's one of the best things about preschooler's, they have such vivid imaginations. But these recipes didn't really come from their imaginations. These are all very clearly how they interpret the things they eat all the time. Nothing is complicated, but nothing is even close to accurate, which makes it even more entertaining to read.

Each recipe follows the standard format of ingredient list, prep time, cook time, etc. They also have the cost of each meal, which is adorable. Any parent knows that a preschooler has absolutely no concept of the worth of money. To many of them, a penny is worth more than a dollar.

But these kids have really struck gold with their recipes. Take for example, Ethan's Eggs. The cook time is 2 seconds, but they take an hour to prep. And if they take a long time to prepare, you can buy them at Texas Roadhouse. Maybe that's why they only take 2 seconds to cook. But really, the absolute best part of Ethan's Eggs? They don't contain any eggs. All you need is pancakes, sugar and Skittles. Yes, that's a lot of sugar, but who are we to argue with such a fine chef? And this amazing, albeit sweet meal costs $3.00! Seriously, what a steal from Texas Roadhouse.

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We also want to try Ariana's Macaroni. It is not only healthy (because of the strawberries Ariana adds just for that reason) but it's delicious. How can anything with melted cheese and macaroni be bad? And the backpack must add the perfect flavor. Plus, the doll adds a certain chewiness. According to Ariana, "The oven has to be hot like fire...like a candle...for birthdays." If this sounds good for you, you can purchase it at Target, Walmart or "the mall" for "I think $2," per Ariana.

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There are many options in Ethan's preschool class's cookbook. Joe's Tacos gives you two recipes in one. After creating his ingredients and prep time, Joe decided "I don't even want to make tacos anymore." Sometimes it's just too much work, no matter how delicious tacos are. And they're pretty delicious. But they do require a lot of prep time. Joe estimates 45 minutes; he's probably not that far off.

When asked about the cookbook by Huffington Post, Jordan Adams explains that he discovered it while at his sister's house. The class made the cookbooks for a Mother's Day gift. Adams felt that he had to share because "Kids are just so funny, and their thoughts are so pure that, that is how they come up with such funny and imaginative responses.”

He is absolutely right, and we can't wait to try some of these recipes.

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