How To Prepare Your Child For Back-To-School Time

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After spending many weeks during the summer months doing absolutely nothing, it’s often very hard to get children back into their daily school routines again. After all, there’s a good chance they spent the majority of their summer enjoying lazy pajama days at home, visiting friends, family and their grandparents, or making memories with their parents on fun and exciting trips. The thought of having to wake up in the morning and spend several long hours at school isn’t something to look forward to, especially with all the freedom kids get while being at home.

Luckily, there are a few different ways that you can help your child get ready during back-to-school season. While there might be a little moaning and groaning involved (for parents, too), it doesn’t have to feel like you are pulling teeth in order to get your kid back in the habit of waking up, making their bed, and establishing a good homework routine after school. Here are just a few simple ways you can help prepare your child for back-to-school time.

Establish Your Nighttime Routine A Week Before School

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There’s a good chance that your child has been spending many summer nights way past their bedtime watching movies, playing video games, or simply having fun with family or friends at sleepovers. But as the first day of school gets closer and closer, it’s a good idea to establish a nighttime routine to get the entire family back in the habit of going to bed on time and waking up on time for school. In other words, give your child a one-hour warning that their bedtime is approaching and have them wash up, brush their teeth and have their pajamas on at least 30 minutes before bedtime.

Get Them Excited With Back to School Shopping

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If there is one thing that absolutely gets kids excited about school, it’s buying new backpacks, lunch boxes, pencil holders, crayons and so much more. Make back-to-school shopping a summer tradition by having your child pick out their favorite designs and supplies. Also, be on the lookout for deals as many retailers have back-to-school sales and savings along with tax free weekends.

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Get Them Back In The Habit Of Reading Books

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This might seem like a daunting task at first (unless your child is already a bookworm), but replace screen time with reading time several nights a week before school. You can check out your school’s required or recommended summer reading list and perhaps dedicate a special family reading time in the evenings or before lights are out. You can also spend some time at your local library or check out your neighborhood’s local bookstore for the latest titles to hit bookshelves. As many teachers would agree, the family that reads together, has better reading comprehension together.

Schedule Playdates With Their Classmates

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Another good way to get your children excited about back-to-school is to schedule playdates with their classmates, especially if they haven’t seen them all summer long. Set aside a special weekday or weekend afternoon to get together with your child’s friends and their parents. This way they might feel a little less apprehensive about the first day of school, as they will have recess and lunch and extracurricular activities to look forward to with their friends.

Attend Classroom Orientation

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Make sure that you attend back-to-school classroom orientation with your child. This way you not only get to meet your child’s teacher before the first day, but your child will also get a sense of how the new school year may look like. More often than not, your child’s teacher will already have her classroom’s seating chart ready along with your child’s assigned seat, cubby, and classroom number. It’s also very exciting to see who made the classroom roster, while also catching up with old friends and possibly meeting new ones.

Show An Interest

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Last but not least, show an interest in your child’s upcoming school year. If you have a positive attitude about school and what’s head, there’s a good chance that your child might feel the same way, especially if you have good vibes. In addition, you can also have an open conversation with your child, should he or she still have some reservations about starting the school new year. Let them know that it’s ok to feel nervous, excited, or a combination of both. Also let them know that you are there for them, and are ready and willing to help guide them every step of the way. Together with your child, anything is possible.

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