10 Prenatal Yoga Poses To Soothe Common Discomfort & Stress

There is no doubt about it that when you are pregnant your body goes through a lot of changes and stress due to your growing baby. A time that is supposed to be a magical time in your life can leave you feeling sore and aching everywhere.

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But since you are pregnant, you can't always take anything to help with the pain! Luckily, yoga is known for helping the body connect to the mind and can help people who are in pain feel some relief. So keep reading to discover ten prenatal yoga poses that can help soothe common discomfort and stress.

10 Standing Squat

You might find that while you are pregnant your legs might not be as strong as you thought they were, leaving you feeling sore the more your baby is growing and developing inside you. The standing squat pose can help strengthen your thighs making your lower half get stronger as it helps support your growing belly. Having your legs stronger will be something that can help you throughout your whole pregnancy since you will be able to keep up and not feel as sore with your growing and changing body.

9 Viparita Karani

Viparita Karani also known as the legs up the wall pose is a wonderful pose with many benefits. Yogiapproved.com has mentioned that the Viparita Karani is one of the most efficient yoga poses that can help relieve stress. Many women find that when they do this pose they tend to have a better night's sleep. So if you are struggling with sleep and stress try practicing this pose to see if it helps! But remember that as you get further in your pregnancy you are going to need to modify the pose with blankets and pillows to help keep you off the ground.

8 Tabletop

When you are getting ready for a baby you want to make sure that you are not just staying healthy for you and your baby, but you also want to do exercises that can help prepare you for both. If you are practicing yoga then you need to add the tabletop pose into your routine.

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The tabletop pose is wonderful for stretching your back to help alleviate any back pain you are feeling and it also helps energies your hips, stated by SpineCorrectionCenter.com. When you are getting closer to your due date you want your hips to be energized to help with the labor.

7 Bridge pose

If you are feeling pain in your lower half while you are pregnant then several wonderful yoga poses can help reduce stress and help with blood flow to your lower half. A great pose to help with this is the bridge pose, according to LifeHack.org. The bridge pose uses your core, gluts, hips, and hamstrings. Working on these parts of your body will help the blood flow past your belly so the rest of your body is getting what it needs to be able to function to its best ability.

6 Corpse Pose

Sometimes during pregnancy, it can feel at times your body is working against you. What once was something you never really had any pain with now you feel pain everywhere over your body. Though this can be common it doesn’t help you deal with the soreness you are feeling.

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The corpse pose has been known to help relax your mind and every part of your body. This pose is to have your brain do the work so you can focus on each part of your body one section at a time. The next time you feel soreness everywhere go into corpse pose.

5 Downward-Facing Dog

There may be times during your pregnancy where your tailbone is feeling sore or in pain because of the extra pressure it now has with your developing baby inside of you. Tailbone pain can be one of the worst feelings if you have a job that requires you to sit at a computer for most of the day. But HealthLine.com has reported that the downward-facing dog pose can help with tailbone pain you're feeling due to your pregnancy. So make sure you set time before and after work to get some time stretching in so you do not feel pain throughout the day.

4 Butterfly

A classic pose that everyone knows for yoga is the butterfly pose. Though this is a simple pose it can be very effective to help with any pain that you are feeling. The butterfly pose helps open your waist and pelvis to help you get ready for your labor and this pose is great for helping relieve the pain you are feeling at your hips as mentioned by SpineCorrectionCenter.com.

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If you are experiencing hip pain then you know that it doesn't matter if you are sitting or standing you feel that pain all the time. So feel some relief and practice the butterfly pose to help you feel like yourself again.

3 Warrior I

A classic pose that everyone has heard of, even if they do not practice yoga, is the warrior pose. The Warrior I pose is perfect for those who are expecting to help ease the pain of your upper body such as your chest and back. Not only will this pose help you with your back pain, it will also make space for the growing uterus. This is because you are stretching out your body in this warrior pose by keeping your arms up, reaching above you.

2 Seated Piriformis Stretch

One of the most common discomforts that a woman experiences during a pregnancy is back pain. Since your little one is growing in your womb and that is in front of you, it is typical that due to the sudden stress your back will feel pain. The seated Piriformis Stretch is known for helping loosen back pain with the stretches, as reported by Yogiapproved.com. But to make sure that the pose is working and will help relieve your pain you need to make sure that when you are stretching you are feeling the stretch, but not overdoing it.

1 Bound Eagle Pose

During a pregnancy not only do you feel aches and pains around your body you can even feel indigestion and heartburn at times too! Those are just natural reactions to something that we most likely are they can still be painful and unsettling. But a wonderful yoga pose that can help alleviate indigestion and heartburn is the bounded eagle pose, as mentioned by RMCCares.org. This is due to the pose focusing on your breathing for deep inside you that can help with the pain you are feeling.

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