Pregnant Woman's Rant Goes Viral After Stranger Takes Away Her Coffee

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Anyone who's been pregnant understands this: you do not, under any circumstances, mess with a very pregnant woman. Once she hit 36-ish weeks, she is changed. She is no longer the happy, excited woman she's been up until now. She is weeks away from giving birth, and she is DONE. Tired and swollen and sore and annoyed at life in general. None of her clothes or shoes fit, it hurts to do pretty much anything, and she's exhausted but cannot sleep. A pregnant woman in her final weeks has very few things that bring her joy, and it's never ever a good idea to take one of those things away from her. It's like kicking a hornet's nest, or taking food away from Honey Badger. DON'T DO IT.

A woman shared an absolutely bonkers story on Reddit about a busybody older woman who picked the wrong pregnant mama to mess with, and we have to say, we are firmly and forever Team Give Mama Her Coffee.

That grandma is lucky she walked away with both her hands still attached to her arms.

Redditor CountingTheRavens shared her insane experience on Reddit. She's not quite pregnant at 36 weeks, and stopped into her favorite local coffee shop for her daily cup. But her coffee journey hit a major snag when some random grandma decided to step in.

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Credit: Reddit

Ravens just wanted her coffee! She's probably been thinking about that cup of coffee all morning. She walks up to the counter to get her coffee, and that's when the egregious grandma strikes. She tells Ravens she can't have coffee, and then proceeds to TAKE HER CUP FROM HER HANDS AND DROP IT FULL INTO THE TRASH. She threw away a pregnant woman's coffee! WHO DOES THAT??

Credit: Reddit

Grandma wasn't done, though. After the barista kindly remakes Ravens' coffee, this old biddy starts SCREAMING at her about how she can't have coffee and how coffee will make her have the baby NOW and how she can't save her own pregnant daughter but she's bound and determined to save Ravens.

Just ... WHAT. Then THEN, she tries to take the replacement coffee away? That's when Ravens snaps, and like we said, the lady is lucky she was able to walk away without injury. What an absolute loon! The good people of Reddit were very supportive of Ravens, as they should be. And one even had a super helpful suggestion for what to do next time someone tries to take her coffee away.

Credit: Reddit

We love the idea of a pregnant woman going full rage machine, chugging a cup of coffee, and them crushing the cup against her head. Someone should 100% make that a GIF. So the lesson here: do not take things from pregnant women, or any women really! Mind your business, and let others mind theirs.

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