Pregnant Woman Shamed For Drinking Coffee Claps Back In The Most Perfect Way

Any woman who has ever been pregnant knows that simply having a baby bump means that strangers feel they can give unsolicited pregnancy and parenting advice no matter where you are. People will comment on what you're eating and drinking if you're out at a restaurant, what you have in your grocery cart, and especially what kind of coffee you're drinking. One woman recently put a stranger in their place after she was shamed for ordering a coffee at her local Starbucks, and people are applauding her for her quick thinking and snappy comeback.

A Twitter user by the name of DiamondJax recently shared a story where a complete stranger shamed her for buying coffee at her local Starbucks while pregnant. Jax, who is six months pregnant, says that the customer behind her in line, who was a complete stranger, told her she should be ordering a decaf coffee due to her pregnant state. Jax stunned the stranger when she turned around and simply said, "I'm...not pregnant." Naturally, the stranger was horrified and apologized for their rude comment. Jax posted the exchange on Twitter, which quickly went viral.

Jax took a situation where someone was trying to shame her for her perfectly acceptable life choices while pregnant and quickly turned it around, proving "that's what you get for giving unsolicited advice." It wasn't long before women started sharing their own pregnancy shaming stories online.

"A male coworker once said to me as I was eating a McDonald’s cheeseburger and fries, You should eat something healthy, like a salad. I was vegetarian up until my 6th month, I literally hadn’t had McDs in 15+ years. I looked at him as I shoved it in my mouth and said SHUT UP ERIC," one woman wrote.

Another woman, who is an OBGYN wrote about having a similar experience.

"I had someone say that to me. While I was in the hospital working. Wearing my white coat. That said Obstetrics & Gynecology."

Another woman shared that unsolicited advice can go both ways.

"Once told a nosy colleague who said I shouldn't be drinking coffee that he shouldn't be practicing medicine without a license but here we both were."

Jax herself couldn't believe her story about why strangers shouldn't give unsolicited advice to pregnant women had actually gone viral, writing "I would like to thank my unborn son and Sally Starbucks for helping me go viral. I’m going to go ahead and enjoy my doctor approved cup of coffee now," before adding the hashtags #DreamsComeTrue #DontMessWithPregnantLadies and #MindYourBusiness.

Regardless of what you think about what a pregnant woman is eating or drinking, it's probably best to keep your opinions to yourself, as this tweet fully illustrates. No one likes being on the receiving end of unsolicited advice, especially not a woman who hasn't had her one coffee a day yet.

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