10 Ways To Deal With Pregnancy In The Winter

One of the worst things about being pregnant is how hot the body can get, which then makes you feel ten times hotter. The increase in body temperature can be a nightmare in the summer. However, it can also be just as irritating in the winter. In fact, dealing with pregnancy in the winter can be horrible for a number of reasons, with the cold, ice and snow something that you really don't want to deal with.

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Yes, for some reason, most people complain about being pregnant in the summer, somewhat forgetting the horrors of the bitter cold months and dark nights. So, here are 10 ways to deal with pregnancy in the winter.

10 Be Mindful Of Ice

One of the worst things about winter, for just about everyone not just pregnant women, is having to deal with the ice. Ice is annoying for a number of reasons and can actually be quite dangerous. That's right, whether you are walking or driving, make sure you are aware of what is on the roads or sidewalks. For instance, black ice, which gets its name from having the ability to go undetected, is one of the bigger dangers of the winter roads.

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The most common places for black ice are shaded areas such as tree-covered roads, driveways and anywhere that has a lack of sunlight. However, if you are unlucky to drive over black ice, experts advise people to stay calm and let their vehicles simply drive over it.

9 Stay Inside

One of the best things about being pregnant is the fact that you have an excuse to not really do much. Yes, you can stay in bed, stay on the couch, and stay inside as much as you want, all without being judged. Nobody wants to go outside in the winter, especially if you are pregnant.

Therefore, it is best to avoid going outside altogether and not feel guilty about it. However, it is still important to get a little exercise, so instead of walking around in the bitter cold, why not invest in some home exercise equipment or even some light aerobics. Plus, going up and down the stairs is a great way to get some gentle exercise before the little one makes an appearance.

8 Avoid Coats

Let's face, a few months into your pregnancy it is doubtful that you are going to fit into any kind of coat or jacket. That's right, for some reason, coat manufacturers tend to forget that people get pregnant and that no matter the size, the jacket just won't zip up all the way, sometimes even at all.

Instead, it is probably better to find something else to wear, that won't cause such an issue when you are trying to go outside. For instance, it is always good to layer up by wearing t-shirts upon t-shirts and thermal wear upon thermal wear. Plus, sweaters are great for layering and keep you extra warm and cozy.

7 Always Bring An Extra Sweater

In those final weeks, it is likely that you won't find a coat or jacket to even get your arms through, never mind your belly. Instead, always make sure you bring extra clothing, especially a sweater. One of the best things for heavily pregnant women is stretch knit, not only does it look great with a bump, but it is also extremely comfortable.

Furthermore, stacking up on layers is always a good idea for those cold winter temperatures with hormones also likely to lower your body temperature as well as increasing it. Therefore, layering allows you to take clothes off when you need to and put them on when you get cold.

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6 Get A Flu Jab

While it is recommended that pregnant women have the flu jab at any stage of their pregnancy, it is even more vital to get it done around flu season. Yes, the winter months not only bring the cold but they also bring viruses, sickness, and ill-health.

Furthermore, research suggests that pregnant women have a much higher chance of developing certain complications if they are unlucky enough to get the flu, something more likely in the later stages of pregnancy. So, by getting the flu jab you will be able to protect you and your unborn baby and also help ease your mind when it comes to worrying about sickness catching bugs.

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5 Embrace The Hot Drinks

What's winter without a steaming cup of hot chocolate? Yes, the winter can be a cold and dark place, with the later stages of pregnancy also somewhat depressing at times. To lighten things up, why not embrace the hot drinks all while warming up your hands and body. Most people know the hot drinks to avoid when pregnant but that doesn't mean they are all off-limits.

That's right, there are many herbal teas that are great for those who are expecting, and not only are they good for your health they are also good for your mind. And for those chocolate lovers? While pregnant women are usually told to avoid caffeine, experts often allow small cups of hot chocolate due to the low caffeine intake.

4 Invest In A Good Robe

Everybody needs a good robe in their life, whether they are pregnant or not. However, in those later stages of pregnancy, it can be difficult to find one that will fit correctly as well as finding one that is also warm enough.

Thankfully, maternity robes are extremely common and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. In fact, many of them are designed to be used both before and after the baby. It is important to find one that you are comfortable in, as let's face it, you will probably be near enough living in it those final weeks as well as those few weeks after you have given birth.

3 Enjoy Christmas

Christmas can be a stressful time of the year, especially with large families and children to cater for. Christmas can be even more stressful when pregnant, but it doesn't have to be. Think about it? Being pregnant gives you an excuse to relax and get other people to do things for you. Plus, it also gives you an excuse to eat as much Christmas food as you want without feeling guilty. F

urthermore, for those who are expecting their first child over the winter period, why not make the most of your last Christmas alone. Yes, Christmas becomes an entirely different scenario once you have children, so you might as well enjoy it while it lasts.

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2 Don't Bother With Valentine's Day

The winter months can be tough, especially once Christmas is over with and you've just got the dark cold evenings of January and February to look forward to. This can be even worse when pregnant, and much worse for those who are just about to pop.

Therefore, it is important to stay happy and cheerful and avoid things that cause unnecessary stress. These days, Valentine's Day is seen as a more negative event rather than something that should be celebrated. In fact, most couples don't celebrate it anymore, preferring to focus on anniversaries instead. Yes, Valentine's Day gets a lot of flack nowadays with people claiming it is a commercial holiday designed to make money rather than promote the idea of love.

1 Spring Is Just Around The Corner

It is important to say positive through winter, even if the cold air and dark nights are getting you down. Yes, winter can often feel long, and even longer during those later stages of pregnancy. Instead, try to keep focused on all the amazing things that you have to look forward to. Firstly, spring is just around the corner, and with spring comes beautiful blossoms and lighter evenings.

Plus, one of the best things about having a winter pregnancy is the fact that you will have a newborn in the spring and summer, meaning that you can get out of the house and go for long walks in the nice warm air.

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