Woman Uses Peed-On Pregnancy Test As A Cake Topper

Many of us will remember the first positive pregnancy test we took with rose-tinted glasses. Whether it was a shock or a much-longed-for occasion, it's one of those things that you just don't forget. As much as a part of us would like to keep the used stick as a keepsake - and some of us do - there's no getting past the fact that these are tests that have been urinated on. Our pee is there, lingering as it ages day by day, making it one of the most unhygienic things we could possibly put in our memory boxes, with or without the cap on! Now, one pregnancy-announcement cake has come under fire for its unique topper...yep, a used test stick.

An Australian Facebook group designed for people to share pictures of terrible cakes first featured the creation in question. The round sponge is iced with questionable skill, reading, "We're pregnant!" with a stick in the top right-hand corner for an added touch. As you can imagine in a group created specifically for shaming cakes, the comments were less than complimentary.

But, they all had a point. "Why don't you just use a fondant pregnancy test?" wrote one person, while others pointed out that it's not as easy as it sounds. Depending on how far the baby announcement was planned in advance, it could've been difficult to wait for an ordered cake-topper. However, this doesn't get away from the fact that it's something with pee on, situated on top of a cake designed to be served to others.

Other commenters took more offense at the phrasing of the cake itself. "We're pregnant" is a controversial phrase for many, as some believe it's simply not true. While it certainly takes two people to make a baby, if we're being technical, only one person is pregnant. Some couples choose the phrase as a symbol of going through the experience in solidarity, but clearly, they aren't members of this group.

Let's just hope that the couple who made the cake don't happen to stumble across it on the internet, as it might leave a sour taste - if it didn't already!

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