Pregnancy Lips And 19 Other Symptoms That Are Actually A Thing

When a woman becomes pregnant, weird things happen to their body. There is no way around it and they shouldn’t be embarrassed. To be honest, some of it is kind of cool to see. Keep in mind that they are making a baby in there! Whatever happens to them is of no fault of their own but of the fault of the child that is slowly taking over their body.

Recently, there has been a lot of media coverage on celebrities who claimed that their wider hips and swollen lips were because they were pregnant; not because of any surgical enhancement. They were not only chastised but taken to task for spreading false information.

Well, as it turns out, the critics were wrong (no big surprise there). Pregnancy happens all over the body whether we like it or not. Both internally and externally, a pregnant woman's body is all out of whack. Hormones are all over the place and the body is growing wider to make room for baby. Keep in mind that a normal pregnancy is nine months and while all these things won’t happen to every pregnant woman, at least one of them is bound to happen.

It's rare that someone has a smooth sailing of a pregnancy — especially when it gets closer to the end and everything is aching, Braxton-hicks is tripping out, and every little thing their partner says and does is just annoying. If a woman is pregnant or just curious about what they can expect eventually, then read on to find out all the fun, embarrassing, and no doubt surprising, things that will happen to a woman's body while they have a bun in the oven.

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20 Pregnancy Lips

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Kim Kardashian was torn apart in the media for sporting fuller, fluffier lips while pregnant with North and Saint. She attributed her new lips to being pregnant and her body just doing its thing, but people accused her of using fillers while pregnant and being vain. However, studies have shown that swollen lips are a common pregnancy side effect. Sometimes the whole face will swell. It’s the norm and many women have experienced it. Some are very noticeable and others not so much. All that’s happening is your body is retaining fluid and that fluid has to go somewhere especially after it has already spread to your feet, legs, hands, and butt.

19 Facial Hair


You and your partner may soon be able to have a competition for best beard because all those extra hormones will leave you sporting some facial hair. Okay, I'm being dramatic; it won’t be enough for you to line up and shape it, and it won’t only be on your face.

You may have thicker and longer leg hair, arm hair, and underarm hair. However, the hair on your head will look amazing and shiny and thick. Don’t get used to it, though. Normally after the baby is out people experience postpartum shedding. You won’t be as hairy anymore but you, unfortunately, may have a few bald spots in the front of your head as well. That will grow back as well but it will take some time.

18 Those Lovely Lady Lumps

Instagram.com/Kylie Jenner

Yes, getting wider hips when pregnant is a real thing. The hips have to widen in order to prepare your body for birth. Obviously, that baby needs room for a safe passage out. This is one of the reasons why they say that teen pregnancy is so risky. Younger girls hips' don’t widen as much because their body is still developing, as well. Throw a pregnancy in the mix and you have a higher chance of gearing up for a C-section. However, one of the positive things about your hips widening is that your butt sometimes gets a bit plumper. It will widen out a bit as well, but it will certainly have a fuller look. Ain’t nothing wrong with that!

17 Swollen Feet

HuffPost UK

Swollen feet are a sure thing in pregnancy. It's probably the least of a woman's problems compared to the other things on this list, but still, it happens and it is annoying. Imagine having to live in flip flops because no other shoes fit. Or, having to buy a new pair of shoes and wear that one pair with everything because nothing else fits. Some people's feet swell to the point where it can be painful to walk. Unfortunately, all the extra weight you are carrying is putting a lot of stress on your body (i.e. your feet). It is possible, however, to relieve those swollen feet by sticking to foods that don't make you retain water.

16 It's Like Puberty Again

Because the body is producing more hormones, one of the side effects is some women develop a deeper voice. (Don’t worry the change is not permanent!) It's only happening because of your pregnancy hormones. The vocal cords tend to swell because of the changes in your estrogen and progesterone levels. Once you pop that baby out, though, you should be back to normal. In fact, everything should be back to normal. I know, it’s kind of weird waking up one day and not sounding like yourself, but it is a minimal price to pay for bringing a new life into this world.

15 The 'Mask Of Pregnancy'

The “Mask Of Pregnancy” sounds like a crazy movie title. However, it's actually something that happens to pregnant women. The medical term for the “Mask Of Pregnancy” is Melasma, and it's when splotchy marks begin to show up on your skin. Your pigment changes normally around your upper lip, nose, cheekbones, and forehead. It looks like a mask hence the name. Not every woman will experience it and it’s not exclusive to women. In some cases men have developed this same condition. It’s not just the face that can be affected either. It can happen on the forearms and if you have more melanin in your skin it can happen quite quickly.

14 Is that... drool?

When you get pregnant you apparently produce way more saliva. Mama Natural says an extra four quarts of saliva a day! Truthfully, doctors and scientists (and all those super smart people) are yet to find out what this means and why it happens.

Thankfully, it’s harmless. Inconvenient but harmless. It no doubt has something to do with the fact that you are cooking up an extra person in your body. So we can safely safe hormones are partly to blame. It has been found out though that women with extreme morning sickness are more likely to suffer from excessive drooling. This, unfortunately, makes them swallow less and *voila* here comes the excessive drooling.

13 Bleeding Gums


Bleeding gums and gingivitis is apparently extremely common in pregnant women. It can happen because of morning sickness. The acid from the bile in your stomach constantly coming up and hitting your teeth, as your head hangs over a toilet is horrible. It can leave your teeth yellow and stained and encourage bacteria to grow in the mouth.

Also, don’t forget about that diet change. You are eating more things that you may not be used to. More sugar, more carbs — whatever you're craving. Tooth decay and cavities latch onto the body of a pregnant woman like nobody's business. Eating for two doesn't help because you have to eat more, meaning more opportunities for cavities to form.

12 Things In The Bedroom May Change

Yes, the rumors are true: pregnant women can become a little more active in the bedroom. Their hormones are out of whack, which means they may have stronger desires than normal. They are feeling a bit more loving, per say. Unfortunately, this can actually be an inconvenience to some people, like single moms or people in relationships that aren't as loving. But your body won’t care about that. It's too busy concentrating on pooling all that extra blood flow to one place. That being said, if you do have a partner, this can be a great thing. All of a sudden, you go from having zero energy (which the baby is also sucking from your life force) to being the most active person in the bedroom. 

11 Accidental Tootin'

Youtube/Briana K

Flatulence is somewhat of a problem for a few pregnant gals. Call it a little loss of control from the pregnancy, if you will. A combination of high estrogen levels and stress from the fetus can cause you to not be in full control of what happens to your body. You can let one rip and wouldn’t even feel it sliding out of there. (Okay, I probably could have said that better but come on!) Either way, we are talking about a fart. In addition to accidentally farting, you can also accidentally pee yourself when you laugh a little too hard or sneeze. You can even be a burping machine for all nine months. It all depends on how your body reacts to pregnancy.

10 It's Not Just Your Partner Who Snores Now


What’s that noise your partner is complaining about? What’s waking you out of your deep sleep at inconvenient times? Oh, you’ve developed a snoring habit because you’re pregnant. Besides that glow you’ve developed and that gorgeous new butt and wider hips, you’ve also developed some annoying traits as well. After all, you have to take the good with the bad, right?

Swollen mucous membranes can force you to breathe out of your mouth when sleeping. We all know that breathing through your mouth is what encourages snoring. But don’t worry, you may be able to affordably combat it by sleeping on your side. Or investing in a body pillow or humidifier.

9 Those Butterflies In A Basket

All that extra blood is pumping through your body is really jacking you up. Many women worry when they experience heart palpitations when they are pregnant, which brings on more palpitations. All that’s happening is your heart is working double time to provide enough blood for you and the baby. Some say that the heart rate can increase by 15 beats per minute. Like I said, this is normal but if you're feeling stressed, call your doctor. Look out for chest pain, dizziness, and lightheadedness accompanying the heart palpitations. This may mean a trip to the hospital. Just run it by your doctor on your next visit to make sure everything is A-OK.

8 Dizzy Spells


Dizzy spells on their own is a thing. Some women become lightheaded because of all the blood rushing through their body. Being dizzy is par for the course, though. It normally takes place during the first trimester but isn’t uncommon throughout the pregnancy. Dizziness can take place when you aren’t eating enough food, or when too much blood is rushing around. However, it can also take place when you are tired and running low on fumes, just like someone who isn’t pregnant. It’s best to take a seat and let the spell past. The quicker you recognize it, the quicker you can move on with your day.

7 Dysgeusia

*Better known as weird tastes and sometimes smells*

The medical term is Dysgeusia, but in layman's terms, it means to taste metal. No, it’s not like you are actually sucking on a piece of metal but you physically have this metallic taste in your mouth. Nothing really gets rid of it though, and it can be a killer on your cravings and taste buds.

Just like cravings, there is no rhyme or reason for it. It’s just something that happens in the body when you are making a baby. It obviously has something to do with your hormones, but like most things when you are pregnant, it goes away after you pop that baby out.

6 Don't Be Alarmed If This Happens

All the snoring and extra blood flow make for some crazy nosebleeds. A lot of women also become very congested as their bump grows. This congestion leads to a dry nose and an increase in nosebleeds. There isn’t a lot you can do about it besides trying to stay as least congested as possible. The congestion will lead to a lot of nose blowing which, again, can bring on a nosebleed.

Also, as gross as this sounds, there will probably be clumps of dried blood coming out days later. That’s the life of a pregnant person funny things happening to the body. If it's not one thing, it’s another.

5 Interrupted Sleep (From Those Vivid Dreams)


Hormones really are a heck of a thing. They affect every aspect of the body including the mind. Many pregnant women have reported that they have had vivid dreams, even nightmares throughout their entire pregnancy. We certainly cannot blame hormones for everything, seeing as late night eating and overindulging in sweet treats can also lead to nightmares and vivid dreams. It’s hard to tell a pregnant person that they can’t have what they crave and chances are when you tell them this, they will still have it. Most of the time they just suck it up and take the nightmares and vivid dreams if it means they can eat that sweet treat or fried goodness, though. 

4 Becoming a Child Magnet

Notice your niece or nephew sticking close to you? Maybe you’re a teacher and your kids are being kinder or softer with you. This is because they know you are pregnant. Well maybe not pregnant, but they certainly sense something is different and it’s drawing them to you. Maybe the pheromones or a six-sense? Either way, it’s something that many pregnant people experience and some of them love this. Being around a child while with child is beautiful. It can be tiring if you are running after a 2-year-old. However, the clingy thing works two ways. You will also be drawn towards kids more as well.

3 No Symptoms At All

via Mini-me

Some women sail through their pregnancy with no symptoms at all. No, really, I'm not pulling your leg. Some women get no symptoms — not even the common ones like weight gain and morning sickness. Sure they put on a pound or two here and there, but nothing to indicate that they are nine months pregnant. They don’t have any cravings and they go about their merry way.

Unfortunately, some of these people end up on that TLC show I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant, while as some of them know they are pregnant and that is just how their body reacts to pregnancy. 

2 Baby Brain

Forgetting to put on pants, forgetting to comb your hair or brush your teeth, going to the store and completely forgetting why you needed to go to the store for... This is baby brain and yes it’s for real.

You see, your baby is really taking a lot of your energy and your hormones are both up and down. Your brain starts to function at a capacity that is not in top form. Don’t worry you aren't’ going crazy and no, you aren’t alone. Many women experience baby brain or brain fog when they are pregnant. Even after having the child, it can take a few weeks (or years) to get back in tip-top shape. It doesn't mean you are now inadequate, it just means there has been a shift and your body is trying to adjust as best as possible.

1 The Colorful Hooha

Weird, right? Your lady parts will change color the closer you are to giving birth. You probably won’t notice because you won’t be able to see it anyway. Don’t worry though, it will only change to two possible colors: purple or blue. Since everyone is on that unicorn craze right now, maybe you can pass it off as a natural unicorn glow?

So why in the world is this happening? As the baby drops and the pressure on your uterus increases the lips become swollen and may even start sporting some varicose veins. Sorry if this is scaring you but it’s the facts, and it’s better to know then be surprised and freaked out.


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