10 Cool And Interesting Ways To Tell People You Are Pregnant

In the past, nobody really noticed that you were pregnant, let alone cared about it. Back then, people had a million and one other things to care about, never mind the fact that you were going to have a baby. However, these days, pregnancy reveals have turned into something completely different, with each year bringing new and fun exciting ways to let someone know that you are going to have a baby. Yes, announcing a pregnancy to the world is an important and precious time, and should be carried out to perfection. So, let's take a look at 10 cool and interesting ways to tell people you are pregnant.

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10 Slap It On A T-Shirt

One of the most common ways to let people know that you are expecting a little bundle of joy is to showcase the information slap bang on the middle of a t-shirt. Yes, t-shirt announcements are now extremely popular across the globe, mostly due to their adaptability. For instance, you can write just about anything on them, from grandparents to fathers and mothers, and letting other children know that they are about to get a younger sibling. And, it doesn't have to be a t-shirt, with caps, scarfs, sweaters, and even sneakers all available for future pregnancy announcements.

9 Bun In The Oven

Everybody loves food, right? Then why not pop your pregnancy announcement on top of a sweet sugary cake or a big juicy cheeseburger (yes, this is also a very popular thing). Announcing your pregnancy on edible items can be nice due to the personal touch that it involves. Plus, you can also adapt to each item of food for different things. In fact, cakes are not just popular for pregnancy reveals but also common in the newest trend of the moment, gender reveals. The inside of the cake is usually colored pink or blue to inform guests of the baby's sex.

8 Put It In A Puzzle

Fancy something a little bit different? Why not turn the announcement into a puzzle? Yes, the puzzle pregnancy reveal is all the rage as of late, with some expecting parents taking it to the extreme with their extremely difficult and head-scratching riddles.

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Thankfully, most parents-to-be keep it simple and instead use a jigsaw as a way to inform people that they are expecting their own little surprise. The puzzles can also be changed to fit the theme and sent to different members of the family. Plus, they can even have pictures on them, including scan photos.

7 Send Out A Card

These days, the more extreme the reveal is, the more attention it receives. However, some people still prefer to keep it simple, and instead feel just as satisfied when sending out a card. Sending out an uncomplicated card can often take the tacky out of the reveal, with the focus on the happy parents and baby, and not the over-the-top announcement. Furthermore, cards are cheap and can be easily sent all over the world without any hassle. Think about it... Nobody wants a squashed chocolate cake with a scan picture stuffed inside their mailbox, do they?

6 Little Things

These days, "little things" seems to be one of the most popular ways to announce your pregnancy, mostly due to the "awwws" and "ahhhhs" that they seem to get from audiences across the globe.

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The reveal involves different sized objects that are used to represent different family members. From a family of pencils to different sized pairs of glasses, "little things" really know how to pierce those emotions. However, it is the shoe lineup that seems to attract the most attention, with Daddy shoes, Mommy shoes, and little baby shoes a sure-fire hit when it comes to baby announcements and immediate smiling faces.

5 Chalkboard

Sometimes you need to be more than obvious to get your point across, especially with those less than intelligent family members who somehow take a good few hours to figure out what you are actually trying to say to them. So, for those who are a little slow on the uptake, why not try the less than subtle approach? The chalkboard reveal comes in handy just for that reason, and can really announce the exciting news in a straight to the point kind of way. Plus, they can be as creative as you like, with special puns, bright colors and hilarious jokes. Yes, the chalkboard approach can be extremely sweet and cool and also looks great in pictures.

4 Involve Your Pets

Can it really get any better than involving your pets? That's right, involving your other children (i.e your pets) is one of the most common ways to reveal your pregnancy at the moment, especially via social media.

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Animals are cute, especially when you photograph them doing strange and wonderful things in pictures. Plus, they are members of the family too and have every right to be involved, they are getting a new sibling after all. Yes, it really is a family affair, and your adorable little fur babies should be part of the process too.

3 Paint The Town

Painted pregnancy bellies have become very popular recently, and when done correctly can actually be stunning pieces of art. That's right, painting your bump is exceptionally unique, which makes for a wonderful way to reveal that you are expecting. Plus, the designs can be anything you want them to be, from blooming flowers to underwater themes - some parents even opt for their own scan picture. However, the trend is also extremely common during the last trimester, with pregnant mothers claiming that the experience is incredibly therapeutic and relaxing.

2 Santa!

Holiday baby announcements have become extremely common over the past few years with expecting parents combining happy holidays with happy news. From Halloween to Easter, and Hanukkah to New Year, holiday baby reveals really do capture that holiday magic that is extremely hard to replicate elsewhere. However, it is the Christmas period that seems to be the most popular, with parents choosing the festive holidays to reveal their most exciting news. Yes, there really is no better gift than finding out that you are expecting a brand new addition to the family, so Christmas seems the perfect time to share such wonderful joy.

1 Speed Bump

Being original is what it is all about when revealing that you are pregnant, with some parents taking it that extra step when deciding to tell the world that they are expecting a little baby. Take these guys for example (pictured above) who have used the simplest of things to tell their own personal story. Yes, unique and humorous baby reveals have become incredibly popular over the last few years, with parents using whatever they find on the street as a means to let people know that they are adding an extra placemat to their dining table.

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