Parents Are Pranking Their Kids With 'Doll In The Hall' And It's Terrifying

Doll in the Hall

Listen, we enjoy a good prank on our kids. As parents, it's our right to have a little fun with them, right? As long as the prank is safe and not mean-spirited in any way, we say go for it. Of course, every kid is different, and even the tamest prank could upset a kiddo who doesn't like shocks or surprises. But when we think about stuff like Elf on the Shelf, we have to admit that those types of pranks are usually pretty harmless and enjoyed by everyone!

When Christmas rolls around and the Elf makes their appearance, kids everywhere rejoice and look forward to seeing what kind of shenanigans their elf got into while they were sleeping. But Elf on the Shelf is only for Christmas time. What if there was an Elf-type prank you can pull on your kids during the spooky Halloween season? Well, if you're willing to possibly scare and/or scar your kids for life, you might want to start your very own Doll in the Hall tradition.

Most dolls are harmless toys, but there are definitely some creepy dolls out there. Take porcelain dolls, for example. There's just something about their smooth faces and dead glassy eyes that make people recoil in fear. It doesn't help that the creepy dolls we see in movies are almost always of the porcelain variety. So if you've got a porcelain doll lying around somewhere collecting dust, turn it into a spooky prank on your kids!

We should note, this prank is probably best suited for older kids and those who don't frighten easily.

Someone crashed their living room sleepover in the middle of the night

Posted by Doll in the Hall on Saturday, October 27, 2018

Krystah Wright created the prank after finding her daughter Adele's porcelain doll in the trash can. Thinking it got there by accident, she put it back in her daughter's room. When her daughter was confused by how the doll ended up back in her room, Wright got the idea to start the Doll in the Hall prank.

She created a Facebook page to share the doll's adventures and her daughter's reactions, and now parents are joining in with their own Doll in the Hall photos.

Killing it

Posted by Doll in the Hall on Sunday, October 28, 2018

Just like Elf on the Shelf, the Doll in the Hall moves around. But instead of delighting kids, the goal is to kind of freak them out. Wright says her daughter isn't afraid of the doll anymore, but is intrigued by the mystery of how she moves from spot to spot. It's kind of hilarious, when you think about it! Would you try the Doll in the Hall with your own kids?

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