10 Items You Will Want To Remove Or Cover While Potty Training

Potty training can be...tricky. Some begin as early as their first few months of age, while others may take up into their first introduction of school. Whether their first pee is on the potty at 4 months or 4 years, potty training should have their obvious rules, like covering the couch with a waterproof blanket until you know it's safe from accidents.

Whatever the item around your home or public you would rather not be soiled, there are specific areas in which you may want to cover or completely remove while your child and/or children are potty training. It may be things that seem like a no-brainer, but often we have 239,842 things in our minds to already think of. So, we have compiled 10 things to cover or take away while potty training your young one(s). Enjoy!


See, carpets seem like a complete target to the little ones who know they are not supposed to go on the floor. They're often comfortable, squishy, and warm- just how they like it. So, of course, there will often be an accident waiting for you on your brand-new carpet.

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This is why we suggest you may want to either compromise on an inexpensive Ikea rug for the meantime or skip out on carpet completely. At least until your child knows it's not appropriate (or very kind) to pee or poo on the living room shag.


Beds are notorious for having accidents in. Understandably, this is a time where the child is relaxed and may even have a dream that induces a nice, big, night-time pee for mom and/or dad to clean up in the middle of the night. So, this is where we suggest covering, of course. If you haven't already: do the trick that most midwives tell you while pregnant waiting for your water to break.

Here it is: on top of your mattress, place a waterproof cover. On top of the cover place your sheet. Now, do that step one more time. This way, if an accident occurs, you're not frantically trying to make their bed again. You just whip off their first layer and get right back too sleep. After your child is cleaned up, of course.


Well, this is under your discretion. You either protect them with Pull-Ups or remove them completely; especially if you're in the privacy of your own home. Pants, skirts, dresses, and shorts will get wet.

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They will get soiled. And as "okay" as it is, it can be a pain to have to double on the laundry that's already doubled since welcoming parenthood into your life. So, we suggest you make some changes to their attire, weather, and company permitting.


A great trick is to always line the car seat(s) with towels underneath their body. We suggest you have it line up their back in case of a large accident. Considering the number of times you may have to beg your ever-so-stubborn toddler to potty before a car ride, even if it's only five minutes to the grocery store – only for them to refuse; you may want to take our advice and put a towel underneath them just in case.


A great trick of ours: always pack towels in your baby bag. If they happen to be a bit older and have their own purse and/or backpack to carry, we suggest shoving a few hand cloths in their bags for them to take out and place underneath their bottoms anywhere they sit — even the grocery store shopping cart. Ever had an accident in isle five? Well, we're keeping you from experiencing such a traumatic event.


Strollers are a great place to cover. You are often taking them on long strolls and forgetting to suggest a potty break. It's okay — we've all been there. You are halfway through our hour's walk as they yell, "potty!" with non-insight.

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So, it's always great to either line a garbage bag or a puppy training pad underneath their bums while they ride in their stroller. It's okay to leave a few extra sheets in the stroller's carrier, too. You can never have too many and can never be too prepared for accidents to arise when you least expect them. That's why they're called "accidents," of course.


Whether your child enjoys sitting in their "big girl" or "big boy" chair, or perhaps insists on sitting on your nice, dining room chairs like the "big people" do, you will likely want to either cover them or remove them completely.

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The worst feeling is when you know it's best to cover up those velvet statement pieces only to see a stream coming from the base of the cushion, accompanied with a blank stare on your child's face. You should have replaced those chairs with some fold ups for the meantime, Linda. But, at least chairs can be replaced. And your child's belief that peeing on anything and everything is acceptable. They'll learn... They'll learn.


Another main victim is often the couch. It's an item where children get comfortable, perhaps watch their favorite television show only to zone out, get lazy and relax their bowels onto one of the family's beautiful, big, comfortable couches. This is when you know it's time to cover it before you spend hundreds on professionally cleaning it every accident or thousands by replacing it. Cover your couch before you regret the purchase in the first place.


Whether the child has an accident that nerve induced or they simply are unable to "listen to their body" the way they are learning, peeing in public does happen. And, it can happen quite quickly; out of the blue.

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It's important to whip out that facecloth we told you to store in their bag when it comes time to sit down for a snack after a long morning at the park; especially if there is nowhere near to use the washroom. And, especially if they drank two juice boxes between monkey-bars.



Often children get sleepy while riding the transit. Whether it's a daily experience or a once-in-a-blue-moon ride, children can get comfortable in those public transit seats.

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From subways to bus rides, ensuring the seats are covered before the child sits may save a lot of flak for future bus riders and taxi-takers. Keeping your child's comfort along with the general public in mind is a very considerate thing to do.

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