Why Some Moms Need Postpartum Parties After Birth Instead Of A Baby Shower

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There’s always the notion that many excited mothers-to-be need all of the support they can get before their new bundle of joy is born. But according to a new report, that’s not always the case. As a matter of fact, more and more new mothers are ditching the traditional baby shower for a postpartum party instead.

Many new mothers often feel lonely, isolated or overwhelmed, and could use all of the help they can get. With a postpartum party, the new mom’s friends and family members come over to help pitch in with household chores or bring pre-made meals over for a mom who might be struggling to take care of her baby and get all of the work done around the house at the same time. Many moms have even admitted that having a postpartum party is definitely more helpful to them than having a baby shower.

Parenting coach Julie Romanowski points out that a get together post-birth can help parents cope with the arrival of a new child. It’s often seen as a good gesture, especially if women are going through postpartum depression. In addition, it’s also a way of getting to meet and greet the newest member of the family.

Romanowski told Global News in an interview, “I don’t think we have to get rid of baby showers as they can be really helpful to welcome a new baby and a wonderful celebration, but this idea of emphasizing a new mother’s experience is an extremely beneficial one. Recognizing that they are both different events for two very different reasons, is important to note.”

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She also adds that one of the main benefits of these parties is that there’s a clear acknowledgement that this change in a woman’s life can be very challenging, both mentally and physically. By having friends come over after giving birth, it also tells a new mom that she’s not along, there are people who want to help her and that their visible actions are telling her they’ve got her back.

The best part about a postpartum party is that it can happen at any time or extend over a two-month period post-birth. It can either be a gathering of close friends or a single visit where parents have visitation hours for people to stop in.

Romanowski further explains that some people simply just want help or simply be surrounded by love. Postpartum gift ideas can include brining meals for the new parents, making a care package or offering to clean the new mom’s home.

She added, “If you’re the one hosting the two-month-long soiree, reach out to potential visitors and let them know what you truly need (food, cleaning, babysitting, etc.) over the next few weeks of recovery. If you’re the party-planning friend, consult the new mom on who her network of people are that she looks to for mental support.”

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