Man Gifts Postpartum Fitness Book To Pregnant Sister-In-Law, Doesn’t Get Why She’s Mad

In an epic case of "what was he thinking", a man reports that he gifted his sister-in-law with a book on postpartum fitness and now doesn't understand why she is upset. He's gotta be kidding! The man posted his story in the popular subreddit AITA, where it racked up 845 comments so far.

His story explains how he has a strained relationship with this woman, and that he and his siblings things she "takes herself too seriously". Apparently she is 7.5 months pregnant and had a baby shower that, incidentally, none of the Reddit poster's family was invited to. He goes on to say how they all sent gifts, and that he and his girlfriend sent two items that incited the anger of the pregnant woman. One of these items was a teddy bear that said CHANEL on it (an inside joke because the woman wears a lot of Chanel), and the other was a book about postpartum fitness that he picked out for her because she is "into fitness and being healthy" Apparently the woman got super offended. The 24 year old man then took to Reddit to ask if he was the bad guy in this scenario.

From his backstory, it sounds like the already strained relationship with his SIL was certainly not improved by this event. Responses to this thread ranged from people thinking he was definitely the one causing drama, to thinking that she overreacted. People in the comment thread generally seemed to think that the fact that there was already tension between the two of them was likely a large part of how this was interpreted.

The overall fixation people have with postpartum bodies and "bouncing back" makes it hard to interpret a gesture like that for a pregnant woman. The man should have known better, and even sort of admitted that the bear that came with it was a bit of a jab. It seemed like an insensitive move in the first place, but their history really sealed the deal.

Ultimately it always ends up a little bit hilarious to read these questions on these forums, and see the debate they start.

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