Postal Worker Finds 2 Missing Children In 2 Weeks While Delivering Mail

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A California postal worker is being hailed a hero after finding not one but two missing children over a two-week span. Chyanne Thomas has only been with the Vista Post Office in San Diego for just over a year but in her short employment term, she's already earned herself two awards for heroism.

The first child that Thomas found was a 15-year-old named Abby. Abby has Autism and was reported missing late on the day of April 18. Thomas had seen the flyers with Abby's picture and police had even stopped her to ask if she'd seen her, so on the afternoon of April 20 as she was driving on her route, she immediately stopped when she noticed a young teen who fit Abby's description. “I immediately flame into action," Thomas told Fox 5 News. "I pulled over with no hesitation,” Thomas said, noting that she approached Abby and asked her for help, hoping it would prevent the teen from running away. “I’m missing,” Thomas told the young teen. “She goes, ‘you're missing? I’ll stay. I’ll help’ … I played her role. I [didn’t] want her to run away,” Thomas explained. The mail carrier was able to call 911 and the police arrived to return Abby to her home.

It was just two weeks later Thomas was once again working when she noticed a toddler alone in the road. The little girl was walking by herself in the road so Thomas decided she had to do something to help the child. She waited for a bit to see if a parent was in the area and when decided that no one was there with the child she decided to take action.

“I immediately jumped out of the truck again … She came and squeezed me so tight, with tears,” Thomas told the news station. “She was so excited that someone helped out.”

The little girl was just 3-years-old and didn't speak English, and Thomas called 911 and waiting until the child's mother arrived.

Thomas told Fox 5 that she's just happy she was there to help when she was needed. “I’m not a hero," she said. "I was just at the right place at [the right time]. I’m glad that the parents were reunited with their kids safe and sound.”

Thomas has been recognized for her actions, receiving a plaque and being pinned by the National Association of Letter Carriers.

"I love my job at the post office," Thomas told the news station. "If a child was in need, I would step in to help again."

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