5 Reasons To Post Plenty Of Pictures Of Your Child On Social Media (& 5 To Keep Pictures Off The Internet)

Social media is where a lot of people spend their free time. It’s because there is something about posting your thoughts with people and scrolling through endless content that can make you lose track of times for hours.

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If you are a mom, you probably love social media for a few reasons: you can connect to other moms and share information and pictures of your child. But not every parent agrees on putting pictures of their child on their social media accounts. So if you are considering if this is something you should do or not keep reading to find out the pros and cons.

10 Pro: You Want To Share Proud Mom Moments

A lot of the times when a parent post pictures of their kids on social media is because of a proud moment the mom is feeling. Whether it be your child standing on their own, losing their first tooth or the classic first day of school picture these moments are something you want to share with your family and friends so they can see what your kids are up to.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to share something you kids did that you are proud of-that just makes you a mom!

9 Con: They Will Always Be On The Internet

Everyone knows the saying about if you put something on the internet that even if you delete it, it will always be there. And this is true when it comes to when you are posting pictures of your kids too. So if you are just going through selecting a group of photos to add to your timeline you might see an embarrassing picture of your kid on the toilet that you just selected.

Even if you do delete it off your account it can still be found on the back-end of the internet. So make sure you think what you share, and stay safe on social media.

8 Pro: Build A Strong Support System

The best thing to do when you are a parent is to find other parents you can be friends with so you do not feel alone. Social media allows you to build strong relationships with people whether they are next door to you or live halfway around the world.

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When you share pictures on social media of your kids the comments you are getting are helping you stay connected with other parents and build a relationship. Think about how you can help yourself find more parents who understand when you share pictures online.

7 Con: Your Kids Can Get Upset When They Are Older

Remember that picture you shared of your son wearing a pair of your high heels when he was a toddler? Well, he’s going to grow up and create a social media account and see that picture one day.

Though every parent takes embarrassing photos of their kids, your child can get upset when they grow up and see that picture they hate on the internet. Before you share any pictures of your little one on social media think about what your child is going to say about it when they get older.

6 Pro: Access Pictures Easily

When I was growing up my parents used to take pictures of the family with the old disposable cameras that you had to go to a place and wait a week to get developed. Then after looking at the pictures that would put them in a big photo album.

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Now parents can do a whole photoshoot of their kids from their phones and storing pictures is easier too with social media. Many parents only post pictures of their kids on social media so they will have easy access to a picture of their kid.

5 Con: Anyone Can See Them

Posting pictures social media can let your family and friends see them, but strangers can see them too. Even if you have a private account, some glitches happen on big social media sites that can make it so some of those pictures that you thought are private are not.

This means a complete stranger can see the pictures you are posting of your kids and that just feels weird. The last thing you want as a parent is some person getting a weird obsession with one of your kids.

4 Pro: Track Your Kids Growth

Before social media scrapbooks and bulking photo albums where the way to track your kid's overall growth and develop. But social media has made it easier than ever to instantly save a moment in time forever.

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Especially, if you are sharing these pictures of your kids on Facebook, they have the time hop feature that shows you pictures you shared from a year ago or even ten years ago. So let social media remind you of some moments you forget about when you share pictures of your kids on Facebook.

3 Con: Can Get Caught Up In Likes And Comments

As much as you do not like to admit it, there is just something about seeing a lot of comments and likes on your pictures on social media that just makes you happy. This can be the downfall, though, of share pictures of your kids on your timeline on social media.

If you are someone who is going to get caught up in the social media hype of getting a lot of interaction with the pictures then you might not want to post pictures of your kids for your sake.

2 Pro: Family And Friends Can See It Instantly

If you ended up meeting your partner and then moving away from your hometown to start a family, you might not be close enough for your family to see your kids regularly. Ut thanks to social media no distance can keep people apart from anymore.

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Sharing pictures of your children on social media allows your family and friends who do not live close to you so be able to see how your family is doing. Post pictures of your kids on social media so your family can see pictures of your children instantly.

1 Con: Not Staying In The Moment

Social media is addictive. Whether you are a person who loves to scroll through your endless feed for hours or spend time to get the exact perfect picture, it is time-consuming. This can make you not stay in the moment of life when all you are thinking about is the next great photo opportunity of your kids for your timeline.

And when you are trying to get the best shot you are not actually living in the moment and experiencing it when your kids. So put your phone down and just enjoy a moment that only your family will share with each other.

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