Popular Mom Blogger Admits To Using Secret Account To Troll Other Influencers

The online world is hard enough on mother’s that no one should be actively trying to make it worse. It is an environment of mommy-shaming, and all moms should be sticking together. One online mom blogger has admitted to trolling others who do the same.

Clemmie Hooper is the creator of the Instagram account, Mothers of Daughters, and she was apparently called out by another influencer. This has led Clemmie, who resides in the U.K., to apologize for using a fake name to bully others. A lot of this bullying took place on a popular gossip site, called Tattle Life.

Clemmie is a mother of four and should know all about the dangers of bullying others. This did not stop her from some crazy antics. Clemmie allegedly labeled a fellow mommy, Bethie Hungerford, as being ‘desperate for fame.’ She also accused another mommy of being “aggressive” and using her skin colour “like a weapon to silence people’s opinions.”

Clemmie created a fake Instagram account, called AliceInWanderLust, to make these comments. Thinking her real identity would never be discovered. Everyone started to pay attention when fellow online mommy blogger, Laura Rutherford, called her out in a lengthy Instagram post.

Credit: Instagram / mother_of_daughters

Clemmie tried to cover her tracks and explain her actions. She stated that she had come across a website that had hundreds of comments about her family on it. She stated that the whole ordeal made her feel paranoid, and it affected her greatly. She stated that she created the fake account in an attempt to defend herself and her family.

Once Laura and others had discovered it was Clemmie behind this, they even started to call out her husband. Clemmie tried to cover her tracks again, by posting negative things about herself and her own husband on the AliceInWanderLust page.

This did little to help, and Clemmie’s husband made a statement stating that even he does not fully understand why his wife did what she did, and that he certainly does not condone it. He stated she made some very bad choices and he wishes she had come to him before everything got to be a bit too much.

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