Why Is This Holiday The Least Popular Day For Birthdays?


If you're a September birthday celebrator, you have likely noticed that a bunch of people celebrate the same month because September is a super popular time to be born. Why? Because people celebrate a lot during the Christmas and New Year time frame and that means... September babies.

This is typically a time when people are feeling joyous and happy and they tend to have a bit more time off works, so it seems logical that there is always a mini baby boom in mid to late September as a result. In fact, according to Matt Stiles, a data journalist who looked at the average number of U.S. births between 1994 and 2004 for each day of the year, September 9th is the most common birthday in the United States. Chances are either you or someone you know is born on that date.

While it may not be surprising to find out that a September date is the most common birthday, you may be surprised to learn what the least common birthday is. According to Stiles' compilation of data, the least common birth date is none other than December 25th.

It appears that people go out of their way to avoid having a Christmas baby probably because that time of year is so busy as it is. It's also such a big holiday that many people would rather avoid having their baby during one of the busiest and most hectic times of the year.

Planning a toddler's birthday party is stressful enough, I couldn't imagine having to do it over the busy holiday season! And let's face it, having a birthday on Christmas isn't always great either. You don't ever really get your own special day, and you're often receiving gifts that double as Christmas/birthday presents! Having a birthday is about celebrating you and enjoying a day that's all about you, and that just doesn't happen when you have a birthday on Christmas day.

The second least popular birthday was New Year's Day, January 1st, followed by Christmas Eve, and the 4th of July came in at the 4th least popular birthday. Another reason for the low birth numbers during major holidays is that doctors tend to avoid scheduling c-sections or inductions during these times if they can avoid it. As someone who went in to labor with my first child on Easter Sunday and had her on Easter Monday, I can tell you that many hospitals are operating on lower staff in all areas during the holidays so if you happen to have your baby during a holiday, pack yourself some snacks!

While people tend to avoid having babies during major holidays, it seems that the holiday that's all about love, Valentine's Day, just so happens to be a pretty popular birthday as well, ranking as the 63rd most popular all year. There's a lot to think about when having a baby and timing is definitely a part of it. Did you purposely plan to avoid major holidays when you were trying to conceive?

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