Popular Grandma Names in 2019 That Are Perfect For Baby Girls

As a ‘90s kid, I vividly recall children with more old-fashioned names such as Edith or Ethel being teased because their names sounded like they belonged to an elderly grandmother that wore way too much floral perfume and left lipstick stains on the cheek.

Boy, have the times changed from when I was growing up because now all the old-fashioned names that my peers and I used to roll our eyes at are the in thing to name children that are due in 2019, especially baby girls.

Guess all of the ‘90s kids that are having children still have nightmares about sharing their names with about 20 other kids in their class and having to be known by their first name and last initial. Not that I can blame them since it wasn't the most pleasant of experiences for us ‘90s kids when we used to blurt out the answer to the teacher’s question because they called out a common name, but it turns out that they were referring to one of our other classmates instead.

For parents that don’t want their little girl to get stuck with a common name, this list of old-fashioned names will provide some retro trendiness into her life.

20 Ensley Rolls Off The Tongue

Motherly writes that anyone that wants to get on the old-fashioned baby name trend for 2019 to have “Ensley” in their list of contenders when discussing amongst themselves about what to call their future little girl.

According to Behind The Name, “Ensley” is a variant of the name “Ainsley.” This gender-neutral name was once originally a surname based on either Annesley in Nottinghamshire or Ansley in Warwickshire, England. The etymology of the name is derived from Old English words that mean “alone or solitary” and “woodland clearing;” it’s a fun, folksy name that sounds like it is the name of an ancient Celtic heroine.

19 Adeline Sounds Like An Old Hollywood Star

Motherly notes that the name Adeline is the perfect choice for parents that are huge Old Hollywood nerds and would love to name their daughter something that sounds like it could be the moniker for a silver screen starlet from the ‘50s.

After all, who didn’t grow up watching old Hollywood starlets like Liz Taylor or Vivien Leigh and wishing their parents had named them something so classy? Well, now you can fulfill that wish by giving your daughter a name an old Hollywood actress would be jealous of!

Behind The Name adds that “Adeline” is the French form of the name “Adelina,” which means “noble.” With an etymology like that, it’s definitely a name that sounds old-fashioned but still classy enough that your child won’t be made fun of when she’s older.

18 Mila's Namesake Can Be Mila Kunis

Maybe it is because I am a ‘90s kid, but the minute I hear the name “Mila,” I immediately think of the actress Mila Kunis and her role as Jackie in the hit television show That ‘70s Show because she was so hilarious in that role. Obviously, she’s moved on to other projects, but she’ll always be Jackie to me.

Celebrity associations aside, Motherly writes that Mila is a nice name for a baby girl because it has an old-fashioned ring. And hey, who knows—perhaps your little girl will also grow up to be a famous actress that gets to act in hit movies and television shows too.

17 Name Your Little One Amelia After The Fearless Pilot

Baby Gaga writes that the name Amelia is becoming a huge hit with parents that are expecting a child next year because it has a light and airy feel. It sounds almost whimsical, like something out of a Disney fairy tale movie.

Every ‘90s kid will remember the character Amelia Bedelia, but another famous bearer of the name was the fearless pilot Amelia Earhart, who was the first female aviator to fly solo out over the Atlantic Ocean and a pioneer for women pilots everywhere. She was absolutely iconic and if she was alive today, she’d definitely give two thumbs up to any parent that named their little one after her.

16 Eleanor Is A Nice Nod For "Haunting Of Hill House" Fans

Baby Gaga writes that another popular name for infant girls is also Eleanor because it sounds elegant and you can derive some cute nicknames from it, such as Ellie or Nellie.

However, if you, like me, are obsessed with Netflix’s new series The Haunting Of Hill House, then you probably felt utter heartbreak watching Eleanor “Nellie” Crain’s arc in the show. Luckily, none of us live in a sentient house, home to a flapper ghost who likes to play mind games, so your baby girl won’t get stuck in the “Red Room” like her poor, fictional namesake.

15 Hopefully, Scarlett Won't Be Gone With The Wind


Margret Mitchell’s novel Gone With The Wind was one of my all-time favorite books when I was a teenager in high school and I used to wear out the DVD of the film because I’d watch it over and over again.

Baby Gaga writes that if you’re a book nerd, Vivien Leigh fan or simply want an old-fashioned but elegant name, Scarlett should be high on your list of contenders. Other famous fictional characters with the name Scarlet/t is Marvel’s Scarlet Witch, who is the daughter of the mutant Magneto and a version of this character appeared in the MCU film Avengers: Age of Ultron, portrayed by Elizabeth Olsen.

14 Call Your Baby Girl Harper For One Of America's Most Beloved Authors

Let’s face it, most kids absolutely hate being forced to read assigned books in school but I was the oddball that fell in love with Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird after I read it in junior high.

I was so obsessed with this book that my Aunt Maria had to get me a new copy as a Christmas gift because my old copy was falling apart due to the fact that I kept reading it over and over again.

Baby Gaga points out that Harper is a nice nod to the famous author and it’s a perfect gender-neutral name that also has an old-timey sound to it too.

13 Harry Potter Fans Will Want To Name Their Daughters Ginny

According to Baby Gaga, Ginny is growing in popularity and is on track to rise the ranks of “cool baby name lists” in 2019, in part thanks to the ‘90s kids growing up with Harry Potter. In the series, the Boy-Who-Lived’s eventual love interest was the feisty and firey witch named Ginevra “Ginny” Weasley. They got married at the end of the series and wound up having three children.

Another good thing about this name is that you don’t have to simply use it as your daughter’s full name—you give her a more formal name such as Virginia, Ginevra or even Guinevere and call her “Ginny” for short.

12 Cora Is A Nod To The Greek Goddess Persephone

Stay At Home Mum points out that when people hear the name “Cora,” they immediately think of Cora Crawley from the hit television series Downton Abbey or Cora, Diana Bishop’s firedrake familiar from Deborah Harkness’s All Souls novels.

However, Behind The Name writes that Cora is the Latinized form of the name “Kore,” which means “maiden.” Kore is an epithet of Persephone, the Greek goddess of the spring and the queen of the underworld, who ruled alongside her husband Hades. Alongside her mother Demeter, Persephone was at the center of the ancient Eleusinian mysteries and her devotees believed that the mother and daughter pair would grant them eternal life when they crossed over the River Styx.

11 There Won't Be Dozens Of Millies In Your Kid's Classes

Baby Gaga writes that Millie is a nice old-fashioned name for a girl because you can either use it as a proper name or as a nickname for your little one, especially if you decide to call her Camilla, Emily or Mildred.

I am personally fond of the name Millie because it is what we used to call my great-grandmother. She passed when I was young, but I do have vague memories of her mentioning that she hated her given name of Mildred and always preferred to go by Millie instead due to the fact that her older siblings used to tease her by calling her by her full name when she was a little girl.

10 Sloane Is A Strong Celtic Name

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Baby Gaga points out that the name Sloane is pretty unique, so you won’t have to worry that there will be other future classmates with the exact same name as your baby girl and has its roots in Gaelic-speaking Ireland. This is also a popular name for fictional female characters over the years, including Mia Sara’s character Sloane from the film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off or Olivia Munn’s character from the television show The Newsroom.

According to Behind The Name, Sloane comes from a Gaelic name that was very common with boys. Both the masculine and feminine form of this name means “Raider.”

9 Genevive Has A Nice French Sound To It

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According to Baby Gaga, the name Genevive is perfect for parents that are total Francophiles and want to give their infant daughter a moniker that will infuse some fashionable French flair into her life.

Behind The Name adds that the origin of the name might have its roots in the Germanic words for “wife” and “family.” One famous bearer of the name was the Christian saint Genevive, who is the patron of Paris, France. The reason why she is so beloved by Catholics is due to the fact that according to lore, she inspired the people who dwelled there to resist the Huns during the 5th century.

8 Supernatural Fans Will Go Gaga For The Name Ruby

I won’t lie, as much as I liked Genevive Cortese-Padalecki’s portrayal of Ruby in Supernatural season four, I always felt that there was something missing from the character when she took over the role and vastly preferred the way Katie Cassidy portrayed the snarky villainess. Cassidy played the role with sarcasm and subtlety, whereas I didn’t entirely get that sense from Cortese-Padalecki when she took over the role in the show.

For Supernatural fans that don’t want to name their daughters something cheesy like Samantha or Deana, Ruby is a classic name that’s pretty unique and a nice, subtle nod to the CW show.

7 Disney Lovers Will Think Minnie Is A Perfect Choice

Baby Gaga points out that even though the name Minnie was wildly popular during the 1800s. It was so popular during that time period that I discovered on my genealogy hunt that I actually had a very distant aunt Minnie on my maternal grandfather’s side way back when. Sadly, this name has fallen out of use in the modern age.

That being said, old-fashioned names are becoming the hot trend for babies, and the name Minnie is going to make a comeback due to this. It’s also the perfect name for parents that love all things Disney since it can be a cute homage to Mickey Mouse’s famous girlfriend Minnie Mouse.

6 Camille Sounds Like The Name Of A Kindly Grandmother

Baby Gaga writes that the name Camille has a cute, whimsical sound to it and it also has a very retro feel too, which is definitely going to be popular amongst parents next year. There is also an old Hollywood connection to the name “Camille,” since Greta Garbo once appeared in a film called Camille opposite Robert Taylor. The film was released in 1936 and it was based on a French novel written by Alexandre Dumas.

The name Camille is also a nice choice because it can provide plenty of nicknames for your future bundle of joy such as Cam, Cami or even Millie.

5 Florence Welsh Says To Call Your Little One After Her

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Some parents like to name their little girls after flowers, such as Violet, Rose or Daisy. These are all too common nowadays; although Baby Gaga writes that if you want a name with a floral feel to it that’s also fairly unique and sounds charming, Florence is a nice choice.

Your little girl will also share a name with the acclaimed singer Florence Welsh, who is the lead singer of the English indie rock band Florence and the Machine. What could be cooler than naming your little one after such a successful musician that has been nominated for a Grammy award not once, but eight times?

4 The Etymology Of Isolde Hails From Arthurian Legend

I’ve been a huge Arthurian nerd ever since I was a child and I used to spend hours as a teenager reading historical fiction novels that re-told the legends of Tristan and Isolde such as Anna Elliot’s Twilight of Avalon trilogy or Rosalind Miles’ Tristan and Isolde novels.

Baby Gaga writes that this is the perfect name for parents that love medieval legends since princess Isolde was the daughter of the king of Ireland and was betrothed to Mark of Cornwall. Unfortunately, she fell in love with his nephew Tristan and their sorrowful story has been re-told in many novels and films.

3 Everyone Wants To Name Their Kid After Betty White

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Back when my mother was a kid, the name Betty was used as a nickname to tease any child with big, poofy curly hair like the character Betty Boop. My mother always loathed when people used that nickname for her because she has ridiculously curly hair, so her friends used to call her "Betty Boop" to tease her.

That being said, Baby Gaga notes that times have changed thanks to the ever-hilarious comedian Betty White and characters such as America Ferrera’s alter ego Betty Suarez from the television show Ugly Betty or January Jones’s character Betty Draper Francis from the hit series Mad Men.

2 Winnifred Is A Subtle Nod To Hocus Pocus

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Pop Sugar points out that since retro names are in style now, why not indulge your inner Disney geek by naming your little girl after Bette Midler’s character Winnifred Sanderson from the iconic Halloween movie Hocus Pocus? Sure, she technically wasn't a good character but she was a delight to watch, especially when she belted out everyone’s favorite rendition of I Put A Spell On You.

It would be so cute to name a little girl after the character and have her grow up watching the movie as a Halloween tradition.

Winnifred can also be broken up into nicknames since it’s a bit of a mouthful. As Hocus Pocus fans know, there’s always the nickname Winnie but you can also use Fred or Freddie for a more gender-neutral nickname if you want.

1 Fans Of The '90s Mummy Movies Adore The Moniker Evelyn

Pop Sugar writes that another popular name with a retro feel that is rising the charts is the name Evelyn; and let me tell you, as a die-hard fan of the first two ‘90s Mummy films, I love this trend.

Rachel Weisz’s character Evelyn Carnahan-O’Connell/Nefertiri from The Mummy and its sequel The Mummy Returns was totally my idol when I was growing up as a nerdy ‘90s because she was a clumsy bookworm with curly hair and utterly obsessed with Egyptology, just like me.

Plus, she wound up being the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian princess and helped to defeat Imhotep and save the world not once, but twice!

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