10 Baby Names That Are Popular In England But Not In The United States

It is no secret that choosing your baby's name is going to be one of the most difficult decisions of your entire life, not to mention exceptionally difficult. Yes, your choice of name not only impacts them from the day that they are born but throughout their entire life. And what if they don't like? What if you eventually end up hating it? What if nobody else can pronounce it?

Thankfully, this kind of scenario is rare, with parents mostly doing a great job when it comes to picking the right name. However, some countries differ on what is a great name and what isn't. For instance, England and the United States often end up with different top baby name lists, despite the countries being so similar elsewhere. So, here are 10 names that are popular in England but not in the United States.

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10 Harry 

Harry, which is derived from the also common name of Henry, is a popular name in Britain and has been for some time. One of the biggest reasons is that the name is often associated with the world's favorite Royal, Prince Harry, the youngest son of the late Princess Diana.

However, Prince Harry's full name is actually, Prince Harry Charles Albert David, but he goes by the name Harry instead. The name also took on a recent surge due to the popular and extremely successful franchise, Harry Potter. Strangely, this has yet to reach stateside, with the name still rather rare.

9 Poppy

Poppy has been in the top 20 British baby names for the last ten years. The name is derived from the flower, which has a special place in British history. For instance, the flower has become a symbol of remembrance for soldiers that have sadly passed away during wartime.

Therefore, each year, on November 11th, British people often wear the poppy as a sign of respect. Back in the day, the poppy was also used as a form of medicine, due to one species of poppy containing sources of opium. Interestingly, the United States has yet to warm to the name, with Poppy rarely reaching the top 1000.

8  Max

The name, Max, stems from the longer name, Maximilian (meaning "greatest", or Maxwell (meaning "great spring"). Max is thought to have come from Germany, which could be the reason the name never really caught on stateside.

For instance, many Germans, who emigrated to the United States, tended to change their names to make them sound more English. However, the name is still rather popular in Britain and is often in the top 20 boys baby names. Additionally, Max is also a common name for a pet. That's right, both in the USA and in Britain, the name Max is used for many cats and dogs.

7 Aoife 

Americans tend to stay away from names that are difficult to pronounce, with Irish names definitely on that list. Yes, Aoife, pronounced, "EE-fa" has consistently been one of the most popular names for girls in Ireland for many years.

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Recently, the name has skipped across the Irish sea and is now extremely popular in the United Kingdom. Aoife, which means "beautiful, radiant, joyful" is also connected to one of the greatest female warriors in history, Aoife Dearg. Sadly, the name just isn't as popular over in the US, although due to the success of Irish actress, Saoirse Ronan, Irish names are on the rise.

6 George

George has always been popular in the United Kingdom and has been around for what seems like forever. The name originally comes from the Greek name, Georgios, and has since taken on a number of variations. In the past, the name had religious connotations, mostly due to the Christian military saint, Saint George.

Nowadays, it is mostly connected with the young Prince George, the future heir to the British throne. In fact, Prince George is third in line and will become King after his father, Prince William. For Americans, the name just doesn't quite have the same ring to it and is now thought of as old fashioned.

5 Fleur 

Fleur has only recently become popular in Great Britain, despite it being a common name in the rest of Europe for some time. The name, which first originated in France, derives from the French word of "flower" and is associated with delicacy and beauty.

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Additionally, the name also received a lot of interest due to the character of, Fleur Delacour, in the fourth installment of the Harry Potter books. Wow, those Harry Potter books really influence those Brits right? However, although it might be popular in Europe, the name has yet to catch on stateside, as it is deemed as quite difficult to pronounce.

4 Muhammad

Muhammad is the most common name in Arabic culture, and regularly tops the most popular baby boy names in a variety of middle eastern countries. Due to the mix of cultures and religions, Britain also has a wide range of names that also consistently feature in popular British boys and girls names.

As a result, Muhammad is often among the most common boy's names in Great Britain and has one of the highest numbers of English spelling variants in the world. For instance, other Arabic names from the same root include Muhammad, Mohammed, Muhamed, Mahmud, Ahmed, and Hamed.

3 Hermione

The name Hermoine has been around a lot longer than most people realize. For instance, the name first appeared in Ancient Greek, with Princess of Hermes, who derived from the Greek messenger god Hermes.

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After a while, the name took a somewhat nosedive and didn't appear again until its revival in the nineties. And the reason? Harry Potter of course! Yes, the character of Hermoine Granger, played by Emma Watson in the movies, is one of the standout characters of the books and films, and a huge inspiration for young girls. However, the name hasn't quite made the same impression in the United States and remains unused.

2 Charlie

Charlie is a popular name for both men and women and has been in the top twenty baby boy and girl names in Great Britain for the last few decades. The name first started as a nickname for the more traditional names of Charles, or Charlotte. In the past, Charles has been a common name for Royalty and is the name of Queen Elizabeth's first son and heir to the throne, Prince Charles.

However, these days, it is just plain old Charlie. Over the years, the name has undergone a few changes and can now be spelled, Charlee, Charli or Charleigh. However, in the United States, the name is not as popular and is used more for a dog or a cat.

1 Xanthe

Xanthe, pronounced, "Zan-thee", is quickly becoming one of the most common names in Great Britain, mostly due to the first letter, X. That's right, X, is the new trend in the United Kingdom, with parents desperately trying to incorporate the letter into their children's names.

The name, which originally comes from Greece, and means, "golden, yellow" is said to represent blonde hair and fair skin. Interestingly, the X trend has yet to reach the United States, with Xanthe not even reaching the top 100. However, give it time, sometimes it takes a while for things to reach the continent.

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