Pop-Up Trees Are The Latest Christmas Decorating Trend

For anyone who has ever struggled to get their Christmas tree in a stand without it toppling over, who has ever had a hard time finding storage space for their artificial tree, or just anyone who is over the hassles and headaches of the holiday season and is looking for anything that makes their life easier, the pop-up Christmas tree may be exactly what you're looking for!

While artificial trees certainly do provide convenience when decorating for the holidays, pop-up trees go one step further and make tree set up and take down super easy! Pop-up trees provide a quick and easy way to decorate for the holidays without giving you any stress like your tree falling out of the stand or stressing you out when you discover you're missing certain branches. Basically, the tree folds right down into itself, and when you're ready to set it up, you simply let it 'pop-up'! You have to assemble the base, but once that's done you simply unravel your full assembled tree, and you are literally ready to decorate.

The holidays are stressful enough and finding time to purchase and decorate a tree is one of the most stressful parts of the holiday season. This new pop-up tree trend not only makes decorating for the holidays easier, but there are hundreds of options to choose from. A quick Google search of pop-up trees leads you to an endless list of choices from and an endless list of websites.

There are more traditional options for those who prefer a traditional looking Christmas tree, like this one from Walmart

Credit: Walmart

Or perhaps you like something a bit less traditional and more adventurous for your holiday decorating. This beautiful red tree is available from Wayfair.

Credit: Wayfair

Not only is this tree super cute but it pops up in just seconds, and it comes pre-lit with 250 clear mini lights. All you have to do is add the decorations!

If you really want to make your life easy, you can go for this pop-up tree that is not only pre-lit but also comes decorated as well and is available from Amazon.

Credit: Amazon

Not only is this tree stunning, but it claims it can be fully set up in 60 seconds! This is ideal for the busy person or family who simply is overtaking hours to find the perfect tree and even more hours setting it up and decorating it.

Life is busy and stressful enough so if you can find something that makes it easier, why wouldn't you go for it? Of course, a pop-up tree won't be for everyone, but they seem especially useful for people who may have storage issues or who just don't have a lot of time to decorate. Regardless of how you decorate, these pop-up trees are popping up everywhere, and people can't get enough!

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