10 Pop Culture-Inspired Gender Reveal Ideas

Today, parents have numerous chances to celebrate the arrival of a new family member: they can announce that they are expecting, there can be a baby shower in order to get gifts, photos will be posted once the child is actually finally around, and they may choose to have a gender reveal, as well. During these moments, everyone gathers around to see if a baby boy or a baby girl is on the way.

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While there are many ways to deliver this news, we are currently loving pop-culture inspired reveals; we all have our favorite television shows and films, and now, these stories can be part of bringing this new person into the fam!

10 Game Of Thrones

Instead of winter, warn people that a baby is coming! Game Of Thrones may be the hottest series on right now, so this is a very trendy theme to consider. There are so many references that could be added into a gender reveal party, like a dragon egg that can be filled with blue or pink decorations or candies.

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More medieval wintery, mythical decor items could surround guests, and drinks inspired by different characters could be served. Wolves, thrones, crowns, ships… There are many more details that would make for a really cool celebration, if anyone chooses to run with this idea!

9 Friends

In “The One Where The Gender Was Revealed”, people can celebrate a new baby while also celebrating one of the most iconic TV shows of all time. The cake - which is either pink or blue inside - can be decorated like the door in the girls’ apartment. The theme song or episodes can be playing in the background. The entire event could be held in front of a fountain or at a coffee shop. And, of course, this sign could be hanging up, as a nod to the names Phoebe had picked out for two kids.

8 Harry Potter

One of the most popular book and film series out there is Harry Potter, and it is another that would make for a memorable event. The decorations alone would be so picture-perfect; there are lightning bolts, candles, sorting hats, house colors, candies, wands, castles and cauldrons that could make for a spooky and spectacular sight.

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The music from the movies would also really set the mood. Plus, the traditional blue or pink could be used to tell the sex of the baby, or it could be sorted, revealing if it will be a Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Gryffindor!

7 The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman has interesting characters, an exciting plot and an amazing soundtrack, so many people are very into this film. And that circus theme would be a fun one for a gender reveal! Bright colors and stripes like on the tents make up backdrops and tablecloths. Invites look like tickets. Decorations are shaped like animals and performers. The music is from the movie, obviously. A more retro or a more whimsical vibe could be incorporated here, too, and all ages would enjoy attending something that looks a bit like what is pictured in this image.

6 Superheroes

Whether someone is team Marvel or team DC, a superhero theme would be super cute here. This particular party used a cake to see if the baby would be a Wonder Woman or a Superman. Once again, there are no rules, so a host could go a more traditional route - with just a few hints of blue and pink scattered amongst superhero graphics - or they could share the news in a more unique way, centering it all around a specific movie or character. Superhero movies are quite popular, making it easy to find items that would help pull this gender reveal off in a, well, super way.

5 Star Wars

Along the same lines, there are Star Wars movies that could serve as inspiration. Since light sabers are different colors, there could be pink versus blue ones. Since Luke and Leia are two of the main characters, their names could be a highlight, for if it will be a boy or a girl. And, again, since these flicks are so well-known, the characters, music and objects (like the Millennium Falcon and droids) could be placed around after finding different toys, CDs, favors and decorations, to create more of a festive atmosphere - and more social media-worthy areas.

4 Stranger Things

This Netflix series is a popular one, and we are loving this nod to it! For a gender reveal like this one, have baby items, such as stuffed animals and bottles, set around as decorations. Have refreshments that bring in more of the series, like candies from the ‘80s or cupcakes that have the characters’ faces on them.

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For the centerpiece of it all, make a sign that has the alphabet and Christmas lights on it, like Joyce Byers’ wall; then spell out either “boy” or “girl” with these lights to share the good news!

3 Disney

On a light note, go for a Disney reveal! There are multiple ways this could play out, and they would all be magical… Center the party around a certain show or movie. Feature only blue or pink characters.

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Or make it a super-over-the-top experience by visiting a Disney theme park and letting a character share the news (with the help of a colored prop, a sonogram image or a sign with the baby’s name on it). Not everyone may be able to make that last one happen, but even an at-home gathering with Disney decor would be adorable.

2 Cooking Shows

Okay, here is a one-of-a-kind idea for those who are fans of cooking shows: One can order a Gender Reveal Lasagna Catering Package. Yes, instead of punting open a football, cutting open a cake or popping a balloon to reveal pink or blue, cut into pasta! This deal comes with cheese lasagna with its colored interior, garlic rolls and a salad. The rest of the party could be a competition of some sort. The Cooking Channel could be on in the background. Or everyone could just gather together to eat pasta and learn the gender.

1 Any Scary Movie

Sometimes, we don’t have a favorite flick - just a favorite genre - so if there are any horror fans out there, we suggest a Halloween party! It could be a more kid-friendly event, with silly ghosts, lots of candy and songs like Monster Mash playing. Or it could be a haunted house of sorts, with animatronic villains and slasher films playing. Either way, we love the idea of using pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns to get the message across… Is it a boy or a girl that is on its way into the world? Tell everyone in a unique and a holiday-centered way.

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